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Ariake Sushi Sunnyvale – this rice is different


No Asahi at Japanese Resaurants has become a common theme. I don’t like it.

Ariake Sushi is another storefront Sushi place on El Camino Real.

Disappointing – but inexpensive.


Japan Town Donbra soup


Dinner with Rob E Monday night in the depths of San Jose Japan Town.

Entry for April 25, 2009 – Mark L turns 50 and the Sharks win!


Mark, you lucky guy!

Entry for April 25, 2009 – Women’s Amateur was good Saturday soccer


Mehtab had a good match to start continue his soccer refereeing career.

Roux Louisiana Kitchen in Santana Row


This was one of the best restuarants I’ve been too recently.

There was a good band playing for atmosphere.

The meal started with some of the best corn bread I’ve ever had.

The dark beer. good.

The fried oysters. were great.

The fried chicken was some of the softest and best I’ve had.

Try Roux Louisiana Kitchen.

Amatos Philly Cheese Steaks for lunch yesterday


Kevin was the person we make the final assessment. Is Amatos Philly Cheese steak the best?

Kevin says no. I always get a small and still have to take half home.

Senor Jalapeno Sunnyvale is work lunch Mexican


Tried the local Mexican restaurant for lunch.

It was a regular burrito, carnitas. Half the burrito of the Chavas Market two blocks away.

Had a great conversation with Alex S, my new referee friend that works as Palm two blocks from Electric Cloud.

Entry for April 18, 2009 – Quakes vs Galaxy in Oakland no Beckham but Anne appears


Decided to go the the Quakes vs Galaxy in the Oakland Coliseum.

Took BART.

Scalped a ticket for $10 to get in. Only 10K people attended so the stadium was under a quarter full even with fireworks to follow.

I enjoyed the game. Strickland was AR1 and Cory AR2. The center, Terry Kennedy was a FIFA referee also so all this game was really over refereed. Referees talked to the other referees after the match. It’s amazing how those FIFA guys know exactly what is going on on their field. They are amazing.

With 15 min left in the match, I went down closer to the field, sat down, then asked the person in front of me to take a picture of me with the field in the background. I moved into position to and this lady goes “Hey Tom, what are you doing here?”. I look and there was Anne W, her fiancée and some of their kids.

So Robert, the fiancée, took the picture.

It made the world seem so small to run into Anne at the match.

I enjoyed the end of the match and the fireworks afterwards with Rob and Anne.

Entry for April 18, 2009 – College Soccer in the Spring


college in the spring. Scrimmage was San Jose State vs Dominican.

Les Mahone was in the middle, Paul Augustine was the other AR.

These girls were in great shape. San Jose won handily.

BJ Brewhouse Fremont, new, excieting and busy


On Mowry Avenue in Fremont there is the abandoned Circuit City building and the bombed out looking Rasputin’s record store.

In front of these building is the brand new BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse.

Where did all these people come from?

Happy Hour last to 7PM, which is good.

The place is fashionable inside. The food is OK – lots of calories.

Dinner with Scott T and Craig L.