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Cha Cha Cha is SF mission for Tapas


Had Tapas on this Mission Street eatery.

Simple and good.

the Sangria was good with the meal.

TRK, Chris P, Jay and Lois for the event.

Entry for May 31, 2009 U13B NorCal, two cautions, what’s with that


Should have been an easy match.

The ARs needed some work.

The pleasanton team was winning easily. When did they start complaining and become referees?
So when I asked why there were so many referees on the field and they had a wise crack back. Boom there was the dissent caution.

Jacob S and Parsa M were my ARs pictured above.

La Milpa Milpitas just as good, not as full


Interesting night in Milpitas.

La Milpa is a great place for the parents to have dinner when they arrive.

Everyone liked their dish – enchiladas, Moles tortilla soup, even the simple tostada were all fun to eat.

The picture of Sangria was shared by many.

Satsumas Sushi Sunnyvale



Dinner at Satsuma’s with the boys. Very Good!

Entry for May 24, 2009 – SF Cup second day was just OK



Got to work with Danial G. very nice.

First U13 Girls game was the better game. Amazingly physical for girls. They had a good time. Few fouls.

Above is Sidney Fellows and Anthony Augustini before the match.

Second match (with Danial G) two girls were injured.

Mission Street Food? on Mission is SF


Nice bottle on Malbec Argentina wine. Nice red wind Chris!

Small table. The dishes are like tapas.

Had the Roasted King Trumpet, Smoked port shoulder, Rare Beef Tostada and the braised Battered Fried Sausage – the favourite.

Yes, the carrot cake was the best!

The restaurant is only opened two days a week.

Check out the web page – Mission Street Food.

Entry for May 23, 2009 – TRK’s new digs in SF


This is city life in SF along Church Street.

Anxious to try the Sushi place right next door.

Entry for May 23, 2009 – SF Cup U13G


Jose in Center, AR1 was me and Christine Walden was AR2.

Easy match. Although there was two injuries. Should have been a caution on the second.

Entry for May 22, 2009 – SF Cup Referee Symposium


Not as well attended as other years.

Kari Seitz and Jenn B and Veronica were great but kinda boring presenters.

Fernado Alverez was there. He has done so much for soccer.

The new assessment procedure will make the assessments uniform across the US in September. Very good!

I look forward to my matches tomorrow.

Thai Siam in Sunnyvale for lunch


unlimited refills of Iced Coffee? Good.

Pad Thai was OK, but not great.

Great chat with Rick T