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Entry for June 30, 2009 – yesterday’s interchurch Springs vs Mission, a Norman Rockwell Summer event


We had a great time – even had 10 players for the Springs team.

Denny pitched the first half of the game, Kendig the second half.

7-3 the final score.


Entry for June 23, 2009 – USClub last day for me was OK


Had a match with a great referee Jesus. Coach was an ass hole. To the referee and even to his own girls at some level. The Marin team easily won.

Worked with Tom Daniels as the second AR. He did very well.

Crab Shack in SF – entertaining but a little pricy


Michael Z is in the Bay area. Took him to fisherman’s Warf for dinner at the Crab Shack with DMK.

We had fun. It worked out after the boys had seen the Giant’s play.


Entry for June 23, 2009 – USCLUB matches on Sunday. Canceled again!


Had a nice AR match though.

Entry for June 20, 2009 – USClub regionals U17 Girls match


Good U17 Girls game in Turlock, but not difficult.

Roy Sheppard gave me as mini assessment. The match was not difficult enough for an assessement really.

Teran ws the other AR. He had back problems.

Entry for June 18, 2009 – Third Eye Blind in down down SJ is that TRK


San Jose has an down town concert series.

Third Eye blind was great. Thanks Rob E for the invite.

The crowd was thick.

Entry for June 14, 2009 – DMK graduates with honors from UCSC with BS EE


It was a beautiful day in Santa Cruz.

DMK walked today – graduating from college with a BS in EE for UCSC.

Moira Gunn was the celeberty graduation speaker. She is the host of Technation.

Entry for June 13, 2009 – great match, U15B USCLUB regionals in Ripon


Nice matches today.

The first was one of the best matches I’ve had the privilege to referee for some time.

Two skilled U15 boys teams. On the second foul I knew I was going to have to be on my toes for PI. Soon number 11 white has his second foul.

Black scored first into the first half. White could not get any breaks and had generally too many fouls but none with the third foul for PI.

In the seventh minute of the second half the attacking white player launches himself up into the air on a cross into the penalty as the keeper comes out and jumps up for the ball. The attacking player turns his head and plants hit shoulder into the keepers chest sending the keeper who has the ball in a heap the the ground. SFP. So now white plays a player down.

But they continue and play even better and score on a great mid field turnover. A later direct kick a ways outside is skilfully placed in the net. Black could not muster a comeback goal. I went from being a terrible referee in white’s eyes to being a great referee because they felt safe when they were back on top because they new how I called the match.

Gerry was the better assistant and Bruce the other AR.

The second match I was AR with Tara in the middle and Mark Fellows the other AR. Tara did a great job and with 3min left gave a USB caution. During the last minute she gave a second caution to the same player – the idiot. So both games I was in had ejections.

The best buffet in Vegas? Don’t they all say that. Breakfast was good


I had fresh squeezed orange juice and smoothes.

Eggs Benedict and locks and bagels.

All was good at this buffet at the Planet Hollywood.

The price was right. 25 dollars off with a stay in Planet Hollywood was the promotion.

Entry for June 11, 2009 – Planet Hollywood in Vegas


Nice view on the redone Aladdin hotel on the Las Vegas strip.