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The Armenian Gourmet Sunnyvale has the best beef kibbeh


AugEarly2009 008This place is a quite little store front place in Sunnyvale.

The Armenian Gourmet has been there for 30 years. The owner is photoed on the web page.

The Hummas  is the best I know of.

The Kebbeh is the best I know of.

The Homemade Baklava is the best I know of.

Great evening dining experence.


It’s Thursday and it is free San Jose concert in the park


AugEarly2009 006Who is that up front? The Woz? Yes, he and I enjoyed the concert together. I stood by and guarded his Segway (to my right when I took the picture). Woz is the dark hair to the left of tee shirts that are green, then white then dark hair.

Collin Hay of men at work. He looks older but was fun in the outside park venue in down town San Jose. “It’s a Mistake” is one of his songs I recoginized.

ValleSol Sunnyvale the other LaMilpa


The salsa comes in cute little flasks which you poor into your own plate. Cool.

I had a pork tostada lunch plater. A lot to eat. But it was delicious.

The conversation was about how six years have passed so quickly.

We agreed we made it through the worst of it and things are getting better.

Pete R and Mike P, who had not seen each other for years were the occasion.

Mrs Pham (Hien’s Mom) service before her burial tommorow


JulyEndB2009 005

Large gathering tonight for Mrs. Pham.

Got to see Paul & Hien and her brothers Henry, John, Huang and ?.

Rudy and Heather was there as well as about 30 other immediate relatives and many other friends.

The picture above is the first time I was with all of use at the same time, Paul, Rudy, Hien and myself.

Springs wins the last game of season to go into playoffs


JulyEndB2009 003

Little conflict today during the game and the game was just with a bunch of people who want to have fun. We play next week for the play-off. not clear against who at this point.

Joe had a home run!

Kat got on base for the first time with a hit.

Emily hit the ball twice.

Tommy D pitched for an inning.

Rebeca short fielded.

Nick above got a hit and scored a run.

Gabby made it smooth at first.

Rage College showcase second day – all beautiful soccer


Had a really nice day today in Pleasanton.

First match with Holly from Lancaster CA and Jay I., a local youth soccer player. The coach was a little problem, but not much.

Last match went smoothly. Even got a complement during the match. Watching to 19 year old ladies bump at it I said “work it out ladies” which they did and the coach said “very nice call ref”. It was hot and Lora and Martin were great help is a 0-0 ending score.

JulyEnd2009 014

Earthquake Tie 2-2


Kevin Stott in the Middle. Good to see him again in San Jose. He called a penalty kick in the second minute at the other end of the field against the Quakes. What a start.

Michael Z enjoyed the Casba endzone seats with me.

JulyEnd2009 011

Pleasanton Rage Showcase


Great day in Pleasanton. Michael Z was my own private assessor. He watch each of my matches and we discussed them afterwards.

JulyEnd2009 007

El Balazo Pleasanton is good place to watch Mexical win on kicks from the mark


JulyEnd2009 003

Let’s watch the Costa Rica vs Mexico match in a Mexican Restaurant in Pleasanton!

Michael Z joined me with two of his friends. One Hans, played keeper in HS so he liked the match.

I was rooting for Costa Rica because I wanted to see them play the USA in the final.

The food was, well, Mexican. Nothing special but it all worked out.

JulyEnd2009 004

San Jose Giants reserved BBQ area


JulyEarly2009 043Electric Cloud event tonight. After handling support cases all day, the sales people were my friends!

The designated beer batter struck out. Ya Hoo.

It was a beautiful night in CA. Except the Giants got beet by the Nuts (Modesto nuts minor league team). There was a suicide squeeze! The batter was tugged out going home.