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First Men Amatuer Middle in SF. Darn two ejections


Carpooled with Jesse to SF fields at Crocker for my first SF amateur center.

It was the last match of the season for both teams which only appeared with 10 players each side.

They fit the bill of Men’s amateur. There to get their exercise and bitch and complain and have fun doing it!

The match was going well until the second half when a player decided a fair tackle was not fair and swore at my AR. I go called over by the AR and told to give him a red card. OK now I have paper work to do.

Later when an over the ball tackle resulted in a hurt player I had no problem going to a straight red on a player who had a previous yellow.

Bill B was my solo AR as the other AR was miss scheduled.

Overall a good experience and had a great time working with Bill again.


First College match of the year was an assessment


On a beautiful day at Cal State East Bay I was an AR on an Division II boys match.

When you are 21 you can play hard and run fast. These young men did both.

It was a pleasure working with Philip D and Anmar A. Philip is a National Referee and it is always a great privilege to work with someone above your rank.

Bob S was the assessor.

He had several things for me:

1) Don’t line up with your nose looking at the last defender but the left shoulder. Gives you a better view of the offside and has you a little before the play.

2) Had my flag in the wrong hand twice when going up for direction calls. Work on getting the switch down low and early.

3) when using beeper flags, switch hands, press the button, then raise the flag so the center anticipates what is going on.

Bob did complement me on my ability to keep up with play and my side stepping. As I say every match is an assessment so I always do these things whenever I’m refereeing.

Lois Kendig, in memory


Mom passed on yesterday.

I’m heading back to PA for services. is where I’ve been blogging lately.

viewing outside final 2

Satsuma Sushi after a long day of soccer is always the best


Pam N from Bangor PA is in town for a weekend visit.

So after soccering all day, we took Pam out for dinner at. The food was wonder. Pam had her second or third experience with sushi. We had a great evening out.

The Hamachi was the best, unagi good too.

Day 2 of the Mustange Danville Stampede


Two ARs and a U19G middle made for a long, good day.

I over refereed with Michael F several time. Less is more and I have to think about and apply that.

I worked with very good referees today.

Christine Walden had a masterful game.

Michael F with Samantha M and I had an easy game and well done.

My center was the only one with discipline. At tactical foul with a she did not get by you did she moment. Michael F and Philip K provided good support.

The best seat in the house for Quakes vs Crew and Barcelona vs Chivas at Candlestick


Continuing the 48 hrs of soccer, two professional level games.

Got there in time for the Quakes vs Crew. The Crew won easily.

Then the atmosphere changed. 60K people, trophies, people cheering each time Messi touched the ball.

Dave Bragg was the AR, R Salazar the center, Yader the fourth.

Got home after midnight.

Barcelona brought their European Cup hardward which was paraded before the game in front of the stadium. The photo is of Randy and I in front of one of those Cup (I wish I knew which one!)IMG00085-20090808-2001

Fisrt day of Mustang Stampede, good easy soccer, no disipline


Most skilled match was the U16G match. Early in the match an attacker went through the defense line and hit knees with an opponent One of the players said they took her to the hospital.

Philip K and Ruben were my ARs in a lopsidded 6-o result.

48 hours of nothing but soccer starts with a Friday night clinic


Mustang Stampede start with a Friday evening clinic. Pizza was free and some good points on what looks good on the field.

Bill Miller wanted to talk about “match critical situations”. I need to ask him more about that another time.

Bill weighed in on the amatuer match situation where the AR flagged and offside, the ball went out of touch and I waved the flag down. He said take the ARs flag and talk with the AR after the match. This is against my grain of getting it right.

Lunch in Boster Park


Rich C cooked the hot dogs. Nice lunch in the Park. Made me feel like one of those teenagers that hang out in the park.

Finish of four games of the softball season in one night


During the season I thought, as manager of the softball team that was struggling that a tie was a good thing. We had four this season. Had to play them each off on Monday night and we won all four of the tie’s!

The team really came through and we were able to beat or sister team from the church, the Mission team. Great exciting and friendly baseball!