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Celtic Harvest Boys U16 Championship, was this good soccer or not


First half. Fine Zero Zero score.

Second half, three ejections. Two facial (nose) injuries, on from the ball, one from the foot. Final score 3-1.

It was the San Jose Latinos vs the Oakland white boys. The kind of game I like.

The Latin style of challenges and fineness vs the small sided disciplined passing game.

Ejection 1, a DOGSO by foul. I called it a 50/50 collision. The AR gave me input that it was a penalty kick. I went with the AR’s call.

Ejection 2, VC, the escalator after the foul causes a ruck-us.

Ejection 3, A second caution for Delaying the restart.

Below is Moez D Mckeenejad, Tom K and Kong Yin


Double nickels this year on a Friday night, remember what you told me


If you get all the above tag lines, you are on your way to understanding the obscure.

Ah yes, the location, all you can eat Sushi at Todi’s Restaurant.