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Giving thanks with friends and Relatives on Thanksgiving day


Only the best at Thanksgiving!

Starting with a shrimp cocktail (Ginny)

Fresh garden Salad (Cathy)

Turkey (Jeff) – I had all the gizzards and livers and heart.

Stuffing (Ginny)

Brussel Sprouts and Butter Nut Squash (Kathy)

Three kinds of Cranberry sauce (Margaret, Jeff and Tom).

Mashed potatoes and yams

Desert for those with room – rhubarb, apple and pumpkin.

Around the table – Ginny, Grace, Christopher, Susan, Dan, Jeff, Cathy, Tom, DTK, Margaret. To the side, Sierra, DMK & Yasimen.


Emmys Spaghetti Shack on Market in SF – meatballs taste home made!


Market Street in SF is full of hole in the wall restaurants. None really too elegant – but usually fun.

Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack is such a place. After you shuffle past the pool hall in front in the back where you get to be seated at a booth or tables.

The ordering is informal. The selected wines reasonably priced.

I had a salad and shared the deep fried fish with Cathy. TRK and Chris had the spaghetti and meatballs with soup. DMK and Yasemin joined TRK with the spaghetti dish. DTK had the meatball sandwich.

It was a nice dinner with a bottle of wine to help the digestion.

Afterwards we had chocolate and port at TRK”s place in the city.

Pho Queen in Sunnyvale is the best with the boys of ATE


Pho Queen remains a great place for lunch.

Pha Ga remains my favorite, with liver.

Mike P and Huang Z and a fourth from where Mike used to work joined us.

Day 14, repartioned hard drive and yahoo messanger in Virtual Windows7 VM


Redid the hard drive with a data1 300GB ntfs hard drive partition. It can be read and written to when booted under Ubuntu or Windows.

Now have a Ubuntu Windows7 VM with yahoo messenger running. See attached screen capture.Window7UsingVirtualBox

What Google thinks of Cloud Computing


The Google Atmosphere Conference video for my later listening pleasure.

Day six, ubuntu from hard disk booted and Virtual Box ubuntu up and running


I gave up trying to configure with deleting something from HP. Took the tools partition and loaded Ubuntu. Updated all the patches. Added Virtual Box and VMed the original xubuntu iso I download. Had to adjust the VM setting to match my laptop. Everything is now working great. Am typing this an a VM. Now to see if I can get Windows 7 up in a VM!

One week of work to get this far!

Time me to my post for Windows 7 working as a VM.

Day three, Xubutnu 64-bit boot from a USB stick


Downloaded xubuntu 9.10 AMD 64-bit and created a bootable USB memory stick. Quick and easy operation other than the time for the download from the internet and to the USB stick.

The problem is all four partitions on the Laptop are predefined on the HP distribution. A hibernate partition, a Window 7 partition, a recovery partition which I have now place on DVD and a partition with the HP tools. I need a partition for the Ubuntu install!

Night two project, making a Windows 7 backup


So I open the package and sure enough, there is no Windows 7 DVD for installing the OS.

After going back to the store and asking why – I find the Window 7 backup disks are a partition on the hard drive. I buy DVD and have the 4 DVDs made which are my Windows 7 system disks made by the end of the evening.

New Laptop HP DV7-3060us with AMD turion II Ultra CPU


Pulled the trigger and bought a new Laptop. Goal – single machine to run Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris using VM (Virtual Box). Base OS will be Ubuntu 9.10

First night was configuring windows 7. I want to keep the original OS on it as a reference in case I need to boot from it to see how something worked under the original Windows 7 OS.

Decisions like do I really need Norton for 60 days? (NO!)