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Speed’s Steak & Sandwich Shop


What is a Lancaster County Philly Steak?

This idea of peppers and mushrooms. Not authentic.

We just call it a Speed’s Philly Steak, the cheese is implied.

K Wirth is purchasing the Hoggies for dinner. Clair, Wirthless and I enjoyed K’s purchase before the Arizona Football game which was a blowout loss for AZ


Kidnapped and taken to Vegas, the trip to Johnstown in the snow


It all started out innocent enough. After a blown surprise attempt at Dippner’s work, we decided to go to the corner store for a deck of Phoncle cards – kinda like going to the store for a quart of milk. So after picking up the deck of cards and some “other” things, the GPS was set for Las Vegas.

Wirthless was kidding right? But after getting on the PA turnpike for two hours we were beginning to wonder just how far from York PA we would be going. Vegas seems to be appearing on the horizon.

Who could be so lucky to have a crowd show up on your doorstep on a snowy cold evening between Christmas and New Years!

What was that famous line? We can’t leave until this is all gone. Referring to a case of beer, two bottles of wine, a fifth of bourbon and 12 soft pretzels.

Thank you Jan for putting up with us! And Tim for taking the photo!

Dippner, Wirthless and Kendig and Jan in the front. Twenty years on. Sorry for the blurry picture, my camera does not have a flash.

Lambs at Christmas with a pile of Kendigs


Twin lambs on Christmas eve at the home place. Can get around good after four day. As Dad said, they must be OK, I can’t even catch them after four days.

Here they are held by the Maryland Kendig’s, Tom, Andrew, David, Wanda, Ryan and the twins Christina & Michael in front

Withless in PA


Telling nobody you are in town and then just showing up on their door step.

I picked Wirthless up on Christmas day at DIA. Travelled with him for a week. Drove through a snow storm. Visited Matthews. Visited Dippner. Dropped him off at Regan Airport on New Years Eve.

This was the photo at Dad’s house in the front room where he convinced Dad what to do on retirement. i.e. rent a small place with a overhang carport for the motorcycle and enjoy one’s self.

What Christmas day could have looked like if it had not come early this year


The Complete loot for Christmas 2009

How do you jump start a Prius


Aaron went to start his electric car on the last day of work of the year and sure enough it would not start.

The Electric Car, a Prius, has a 12 volt battery that controls the electronics. I used my Mazda to charge the 12 volt Prius battery for 4 minutes. Aaron hit the start button on the Prius and it started!

The cables were hot – a lot of current passed through those cables in 4 minutes!

Making Christmas cookies


Oven was turned on at 2PM and off at 7PM.

This year there were Sand Tarts, chocolate drop, chocolate pretzels and peanut butter cookies.

Everyone helped with the mixing, the decorating, the cooking and the distribution into cookie tins.

Dave Koz & Smooth Jazz Xmas Friends at Nob Hill Masonic Auditorum


I was unsure what I was in for at this show, Dave Koz and Friends.

Santa gave an opening poem reading. Well done.

Then the music started. Piano (David Beniot), Sax (Dave Koz), trumpet (Rick Braun) and guitar (Peter White) and a vocalist (Brenda Russell). Good energy. Good sound. Great skill as musicians.

It was a great show. Very enjoyable for an adult.

This is TRK’s new venue. She is the event planner for the Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium.

Mayflower Dim Sum Milpitas was good after many years


Haka portions were large. Sumi was large portions too. Sticky rice good. Pork buns medium. The Taiwan style dumplings were probably the best thing.

Ken and Arlin H and I were lucky to get a table quickly and were in and out in an hour.

Nice lunch at the MayFlower!

Failed State Referee Assessment


This was my fourth attempt for my State Referee assessment since my application in August for the match.

1) I gave district the incorrect day of the center, Sunday instead of the Saturday of the match.

2) One of the teams had seven players with the flue – canceling the match.

3) I did not follow procedure for a DII assessment after getting an Amateur Center and no assessor was assigned.

4) The match with South SF vs Marinitmo which happened on Sunday.

The match was completive enough.

The mistakes I made:

1) Early in the match (10 min) missed who headed the ball out on a direct kick. I was watching the keeper area and was not focusing on the heading to so who it struck last. Went with the defense when because I did not know and the plays all knew it was the other way around.

2) I realized I was too far from play several times during the match. Would the assessor notice?

3) Attacking players went down twice in the box. Too easily so I did not call a foul.

4) Although I gave advantage, I only said and showed advantage once.

5) On a quick kick restart into another player. I hope I handled it correctly.

6) AR called offside early. I tried to have the players play through it and the defender used his hand to set the ball, like an offside. I had to blow the whistle to recognize offside.

The assessors input.

1) I did not recognize several elbows on headers which should be recognized as fouls.

2) I did not deal with dissent from the players or the benches at any point during the match.

3) There was tactical fouls on the field I should have cautioned for and did not recognize.

4) My mechanics for advantage (arms straight up instead of extended forward) and goal kick (arm down instead of straight) and offside (arm off to the side instead of touching ear when extended up) need to be modified.

Saba S and Paul O were great help during the match and were not part of the reasons for my failed rating.