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Sri Thai food in Dublin Regal shopping Center


Nice Thai restaurant after the movie.

The chicken coacnut soup was an excellent starter.

The duck salad had lots of Duck!

The pad Thai was the ending and it was OK pasta type noodles.


So how many Oscars will Avitar earn is the only question


IMAX and 3D for Avitar.

Saw the movie today at the Dublin IMax Theater.

Yes it was worth it. I first missed it with Bro Dave and Wirthless in Maryland, then with Gary & Katherine.

The story was good, the special effects worthy.

I did like the 3D effects. Not to pushy with the effects. Just the right amount of emphasis.

Holiday party for EC at Gordon Biersch and the Improve Comedy Club


The Electric Cloud Holiday party is after the holidays.

The year it was dinner at Gordon Biersch. Crabcakes and artichoke hearts for appetisers.

I had the New York Strip Steak, CMD the Salmon. Dessert was Chocolate Cake.

Sat at the table with Arlin, the SE of the year, and his wife Karen, Kevin and Kelley and Julie (waiting for husband Charles).

After Dinner it was off to the Improve Comedy Club.

The headliner was Norm McDonold from Saturday Night Live. Were did all this death and raunchy sex comments come from. The guy before Norm as raunchier. The first comedian was the best. EC provided two drink tickets each at the Improve.

Philly Cheese steak in Sunnyvale – Chris’s last day


The Philly cheese steak place on Lawrence is good for lunch.

Meet Bill B to give back his referee shirt (he had dropped it in the parking lot the night before).

Chris had given his notice at Electric Cloud two weeks before – the announcement went out today that it was his last day. He is off to mebo. Chris is a great IT person. Hire him if you get a chance!

High School Varsity boys with the best young referee


It was Newark at Kennedy. Newark on the top of the table.

First half relatively boring. A penalty kick by Newark that was missed.

The second half was more interesting as Kennedy scored on confusion in the back Newark back field.

The boys got a little testy. The center, Ben R had to break up two altercations. The second (we talked about after the game) when the keeper when the keeper got the ball on a breakaway and objected to how close the attacker came to his face. There was no contact – but you could never have told from the keeper’s reaction. The attacker was cautioned. Ben said because his cleats were up (but they made no contact).

Ben R is one of the best young referees around. I talked to him about his advancement path as I was one of his early mentors. He is way beyond me, DIII and Tom Starr on his path. He goes to many out of town tournaments – Washington, Arizona etc. He has received assignments from Farhad? the USSF assignor.

Ben is not a State referee. He has passed the assessments. He has 8 centers to go until he can submit his paper work. It is very tough to become a State Referee now. Ben has to become a grade 5 until he can get invited to National Camp – he is a candidate for this.

Ben, Michael and I above.

Jim Zackrone memorial event at Spin a Yarn


It was a throw back to times past.

Drinks with Zackrone at Spin a Yarn – but now no Jim.

This was a well attended event of Semiconductor people and relatives – maybe 100 people.

Everyone had bad things to say about the Semiconductor industry. As in it sure sucks in ATE.

Debbie A did a great job contacting people to attend.

The Jim memorial pictures were great and mostly involved boating.

Hong Kong Saigon Sunnyvale is really different


The food here tastes strange is a good asian way.

The Calamara is very tender. The fried rice prepeared well and the beef noodles great.

Everything is served family style. It is good to go with a group of people.

Not very busy at dinner. The lunch Dim Sum crowd over fills the place. Cathy and Akiba were the business guests.

Pho Queen Sunnyvale, six for lunch


Pho Queen is a busy place at lunch.

Pete R and Nathan W were already waiting when I got there late for lunch.

And who should be seated at the next at the next table? Throwing chop sticks at me? Cathy and Akiba and Elaine.

Pho Queen remains a some of the best Pho around. Pho Ga for me!

Satsuma’s Sushi Sunnyvale is the best again


Sho and Kevin were making the good eating again tonight.

Ashai Beer with Hamatchi, and several rolls that were excellent.

The place was very slow. The economy has really hit restaurants during the week. Sad.

Akibi-san and Cathy enjoyed the eats.

Postrios is still exellent food but practially abandoned.


After PHC a walk to Postrios was a great end for the evening.

It was happy hour and the Cosmo, Jade Cabernet wine and import beer were excellent with the sheep cheese, chicken liver, mushroom and pork shisk kabob, tuna bites and for dessert the pear salad.