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What is the thing about Ikea?


I had my first visit to Ikea – in Palo Alto.

It was packed. Lots of people had there kids there. Things were cheep. Both in cost and quality.

I had the $2 two hot dogs and coke and bought a cassis drink.


A day of Referee training at Skyline Blvd


I took the physical test – and passed.

I took the State Referee written test – and passed.

There were over 50 referees attending this clinic. Very popular and well attended.

Peter F gave a great presentation on heading fouls.

Selby, Duex Amie and Selby againl


What is a wine tasting night?

Start with a Selby and end with a Selby.

Talk over blue tooth and USB and an In-N-Out animal burger.

Party like a Canadian – ice hockey woman!


So ma’am, you just won the Olympic goal medal – what are you going to do now?

Cigar, Molson and Gold on ice! Nice!

And I thought there was no endorsements at the Olympics?

Gillian Apps, #10 on the winning Canadian Women’s Hockey Team.

Chabaa Thai Cuisine outside of Golden Gate Park


This was a small family run Thai place for Dinner.

Chabaa Thai Cuisine was authentic – not very busy though. I had the special Ice Tea with milk in it.

De Young museum has a Amish Quilt exhibit


De Young museum has a Amish Quilt exhibit.

Target paid the admission fee.

The quilt display was neat. I was trying to figure out why it was significant.

Many of the quilts were from the Ohio and in the 1920. I’m now looking for the age of the Hertzler quilt from my Grandmother which is from the 1800s.

Iron sharpens iron men’s event


Spent the day at an all men’s event.

I did like Rick Rigsby. From the Bay Area and had something to day.

The event started with a tail gate breakfast outside. Took Josh to the event.

Early NCS HS Soccer Playoff assignment


You normally only get one HS playoff assignment. This was mine.

Newark vs Clayton Valley.

I was an AR for the middle Tim K. Kaven P was the other AR.

Clayton won on two penalty kicks and a beautiful third goal. The first penalty was the attacker throwing himself into a keeper who already had the best play on the ball. Oh well. The second penalty was a defender stepping in front of the attacker after he passed the ball. The attacker made sure he hit the defender hard and went down.

Quite a few good no calls during the match.

Tim and I had beers at Jack’s Brewing Company afterwards. The bar maid and us talked about the Kinnear brothers encounters. Dominic in Seattle when the Dynamos played there. And the two other boys who all coached soccer. The Kinnears are from Fremont and all have spent time at Jacks.

Pho Appetit Fremont, new pace with great interior


Most pho places are kinda dingy. cheep tables and chairs, easy to move around.

Pho Appetit on Stevenson has nice chairs. Dark heavy tables in a fashionable way and the bowls are out of the food channel.

Scott T had the chicken curry dish. I had Pho Go – which was plain to taste but fancily prepared as you can see from the photo.

Valentine’s Port and Chocolate


Tamas winery in Livermore. Great chocolate. Great port.

Stony Ridge down the street. They pored some sparkly, then the port in the Champaign. Very nice effect.

Gary and Katherine W joined Cathy and I for the event.