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LaCiccia is High end Itialian in the City


You wonder around neighbourhoods in SF and see all the hole in the wall restaurants.

LaCiccia is one of them. When we checked the menu and the patrons were entering. There comment was, come on in the food is good!

We did not have a reservation but the receptionist found one last table for use in the small restaurant.

The flat bread was delicious.

The appetisers of Calamari, sautéed, was excellent.

I had the pena with tuna heart.

Chris P had the spaghetti and TRK a shrimp dish.

All were good – but a little expensive.

The glasses of wine the Solvanian waitress helped us pick out was very good.


Men’s amateur in SF, they wine but play nice for Andy’s first Center


Spent the afternoon at the Polo Grounds in SF.

First match was with Jeff S in the middle. Talkative to the players but does a nice job.

The Japanese team against the wining Irish team. Two well done and well placed cautions by Jeff.

Andy did the second middle. Let’s just say it turned out better than I thought. And Andy had a fine time in his first middle.

Above is Andy, Jeff and I.

Kazoo Sushi in the middle of Japan Town San Jose


The love boat. Well it is big.

The place is busy on a Saturday night.

I did not find the sushi real good. But Kazoo’s Japanese Restaurant was fun.

Turkeys in Sunnyvale


OK, you watch the squirrels go by outside the window.

What is that two legged bird outside the window – it’s a Turkey strutting it’s stuff walking across Sunnyvale.  A wild Turkey!

It made quite an attraction with all the engineers.

Hurt Locker, Pizza and Brownies and yes that was Turley


Chance to see Hurt Locker on Paul & Donna’s big screen TV. Bill M and Beth gave me the invite.

Hurt Locker is an intense anti war movie. It draws you in.

It is about skills. The bomb skills, the warfare training skills, the drinking skills, the family skills.

It reminded Paul and of “Das Boot”. Same intensity build up. Same recognition of peoples skills.

Pho Queen for ATE people


Pho Queen remains a popular lunch place.

Chris O and Mike P with Greg from National Semi.

I had my pho ga with gizzards and chicken liver.

Two men’s amatuer AR for the end of the weekend


Got work with Andy. Larry was the other AR.

Match was fun. Lots of complaining men. Skilled play. Couple of key decisions.

Andy correctly identified that the turning point in the second half was a non call on the ball hitting the hand in the box. The dissent which followed was loud. Andy dealt with it. But the bad seed had been planted. The encounter that occured in front of me with the attacker falling on the defender, the tangle up afterwords and the 20 players standing around yapping at each other was, lets say slightly unconfortable.

The second match with Alex S and Scott was very well handled by Alex. It was the Greeks vs the Ethiopian. Good match. But a waved down offside call also created some unpleasant moments near the very end of the match.

State Cup Olders U17 Girls – this has become easy


I remember the anxiety state up olders games before. Men’s Amateur will cure that.

This match was lopsided. There were more goals than fouls.

The most difficult call of the match?

#6 white in the second half. After committing a late tackle foul, four minutes later a loose ball. #6 runs to get the ball, the opponent is there too. Boom, the opponent is thumped. I whistle a foul. #6 looks at me – what did I do? The match continued. I thought about it. I was too fast on that one. She was making a play for the ball. The two players were trying to occupy the same space and #6 won. There was not a foul. It was #6 playing the ball and occupying the same space. I got it for the next match.

Chris did and excellent job as AR1. David as AR2.

Banana Leaf Milpitas – Soon to be a regular there


Tonight we tried the tuna sashimi with mango, papaya, leeks, taro, ginger, sesame, peanut & etc

Followed by the Utama Basil Snap Peas with shiitake mushroom, tofu & red onion in Chef’s basil sauce

Presentation. Great

Taste: wonderful.

It was fuller when we left the Banana Leaf Restaurant at 8:30 than when we arrived at 7:30. No recession here.

SFSFL Amateur League started today with two ARs for me


SFSFL Amateur league opened today.

I had two AR assignments at the Major (top) level. There were good teams. They came to play and all the cheep stuff was left at home.

I worked with Jim L in the center and Wes B as the AR on the first match. The Latin team against the Wasp team. It was a good match and Jim had a fine touch. Two cautions. I would not have cautioned on either. I asked him why the caution. Both these cautions the players could have been talked to. But Jim used them for game control and rightfully so.

The second match with Victor B in the middle was also the Latin against the Wasps. More cautions in this one but Victor did a great job on this match.

After last weekend’s disaster of a match for me, it was nice to have two good amateur matches today.