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Betelnut is SF, we were part of the BPs


It’s Friday night in the city. Places are full.

Take a scenic drive through the Persidio. Lots of construction going on there. Then up to Union street to Betelnut.

Half hour wait but wait, there is a table available now!

Jose, Erica and son Michael had a great time with some good food. Michael’s friend John from Palo Alto joined us. Kenwood Pinot Noir and the lamb was the best. Dumplings were great also.

After a trip over the Golden Gate bridge we finished the night at Buena Vista with an Irish Coffee.

At 11:30 the night was young for Michael and John who went off to join the night in SF.


roach coach for lunch by twitter


Here is the tweet:  GablesEnd #FollowFriday @BBQKALBI Our newest Mountain View Taco Truck! Korean Fusion Food – “Gourmet Food In A Flash”

So what did I have?

A Unagi taco! for $3. Tasted kinda like a sushi taco – which was fine by me.

Hiang had the beef burrito – with Kim-chi on the side.

Manchester Steak House in Fresno. entertaining but not great food


Looking for an Armenian restaurant in Freno.

Rich called and recommended Manchester Steak house.

Large portions. Good taste. A little bit too much like a truck stop.

Paul M and Dan H were the rest of the party.

I had the lamb, Dan the Steak and Paul the beef.

The hummus was home made – not as good as Armenian gourmet in Sunnyvale.

Now this is good soccer, PSL as Paul watches


This was good soccer, after all it was a play-off match.

Carl J and Scott were the other referees with team.

In the second half I called an offside to take the ball out of the goal.

The penalty kick with two minutes left nearly sent the match into overtime. The team down a goal bounced the penalty kick of the wood work.

Good bit of dissent near the end – which Carl ended with a caution.

Paul M watched the match and took the picture.

SF Giants Ya! Giant’s win in the 8th, chance meeting with Allison


So who is the girl being hassled there. Hot lady Allison!

Paul M and I were in the standing room only seat. After texting TRK I confirmed it was Allison R in front of us.

Dave Gallie was the Usher in front of Paul and I. So all was well in the Giant’s victory 2-0 against the St. Louis Cardinals.

What is that Russian Band? I have no idea because there was no english


TRK had an event at the Mason Center.

A Russian Band.

Paul M and I got to watch the dress rehearsal – all in Russian – but talented. One of the songs was the phantom of the opera in Russian.

Yank Sing in SF, landing with Dim Sum


Fly all the way from Florida to eat at …. Yank Sing.

A little commercial but the Dim Sum is good. Wait for Paul M’s review to see how good.

Hakow and Summe, pork buns, custards — all good – as was the company!

Quality Spring League soccer


Mehtab G and Sanket were my ARs.

The teams played 10 on 10.

20th minute I called a penalty kick, Sent off the player because he was the past defender.

The teams did have a lot of fun.

Tradiciones Peruanas Seafood Sunnyvale is traditional Peruvian


Tried this new neighborhood restaurant, Tradiciones Peruanas Seafood in Sunnyvale.

The fish was well prepared. DMK and CMD enjoyed the rice which was served with the fish

The potato based appetizers were good also.

Peruvian beer. Just OK.

Looks like a better place for lunch.

Merit Vegitarian in Sunnyvale, so good you don’t even know it is meat free


Merit Vegetarian special Vietnamese Crepe is one of the best.

I had the Vermicelli w/Fried Rolls & Tufu.