Rudy’s reputation is intact – my BlackJack II is now tethered under Windows7, here is how

Rudy moved in tonight.

The challenge. Get tethering running. The result – success.

0) first show it does not work on my phone – Internet sharing message “remote party has ended this connection”.

1) Rudy showed his phone (HTC on Sprint running windows mobile 6.1) worked on my Windows 7 machine – without any windows alterations.

2) modify Connections -> AT&T ISP Access to wap.cingular from isp.cingular. As outlined in

3) Start “Internet sharing”, select USB and then “connect”.

The connection speed on my AT&T connection 0.93/.06 megabytes download/upload speed. With Rudy’s Sprint phone, 1.06/.37 megabytes download/upload speed.


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