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Banana Leaf Milpitas, another fine lunch


Ah Banana Leaf.

The Roti is the best!

So was the lunch with Scott T as we talked about the next steps of his company.


SF Cup day 3, the last day


The first match, a U12B match with a district II referee was simple. The older AR Scott was one of those embarrassing older gentleman who has not modernised his skills.

The next match I had the middle, U16 Girls semi-final. I thought as usual it would be a simple match. I was wrong. I had Delana K and Molli as my ARs. Delana is a state referee. She is very good.

These girls were skilled and played hard. They hit harder and harder as the match continued. The head to head contact the second half showed just how hard they were trying.

I had one girl go by and kick at the opponent. A second girl went down on a foul and pushed the other girl off the top of her with her cleats. Not good. But the game ended with Santa Rosa betting Palo Alto 2-1.

There were 3 cautions. Two were tactical again, the player did not get by the defender. The second was for a wreck-less mid field tackle.

This was one of the best matches I had the privilege to referee lately. As good as my CPSA match last weekend.

Beach Chalet for TRK


Beach Chalet is where I referee soccer for SF Cup.

I took TRK to the Restaurant Beach Chalet for her Birthday this year. Very nice for Chris P, TRK and I.

We had the Calamari to start. Well done.

The best deal was the picture of locally brewed beer for $15.

I had the pasta, TRK the salmon salad and Chris the fish and chips.

The view was spectacular on this nice day.

SF Cup day 2


An easy U13 boys match. I ran a reverse diagonal with Dan C and Scott R who were fine assistance.

The second match when I was an AR for Brian Ward was much tougher. The U16 Girls coach was degrading and insulated to his ladies. I complained to the Tournament director. Yelling at the top of your voice – “you’re changing dippers” and “those high school coaches taught you that junk”

SF Cup day 1


Two nice little matches.

Refereed with Linda this year for the 3rd straight year. She was given a D&G. It was an easy match. I thought Linda should have given a caution for USB, a tactical foul.

My U12 match was more fun. The little buddies had a lot of energy. I had three cautions in match. On tactical, one dissent and one the AR said I should and I did. Sure enough the AR one was unwarranted and the D&G person asked why I gave the caution.

Linda P and Brian Ward with me above.

Learning more about Refereeing at SF Referee symposium


Peter P from Jamacia gave a very good presentation on the new approaches for refereeing and his training material.

What I learned:

If you call advantage, that means you are not going to call the foul.

The difference between careless, wreekless and excessive force.

There are three fouls that a player either “did” or did not. spit, hold

There are seven fouls that you have to ask “how” the foul was committed. trip, push, pull, kick … and here the degree determines if it is caution-able or and ejection.

Jose A and Mehtab G carpooled with me.

Senior Jalipinos Mexican in Sunnyvale for after interview lunch


The attraction is the convenience and the burritos. Senior Jalipinos on Mary in Sunnyvale.

I had the pork burritos, DMK the chicken.

The discussion was about his interview at a Solar startup in Menlo Park. He is ready to land a couple of job offers.

USMNT vs Czech initially, yes these are the new guys to where is the energy?


When I saw the lineup, I liked some of the new names I saw.

US goes up one to zero. Encouraging.

US ties two to two.  Gomez, you are great. Sign him up for the final 23.

But I’m watching and there is no energy, no creativity. What I want is – “who are these guys?” as in look at that energy. Instead it was “who are these guys?” as they look like the B team.

As a fan I don’t understand the strategy. This is the first of three pre world cup matches. Why can’t the USMNT play more matches in preparation for the world cup? I’ve watch the Mexican National team play maybe 5 times over the last two months. So I will watch the Mexican team with almost a much enthusiasm as the USMNT.

CPSA Middle – how did that happen? What a match – for the team from Fremont


My 15 year referee career came to a head at this match.

CPSA is as skilled a men’s amateur level you can get with out going semi pro. I have never had a CPSA AR. And here I am in the center.

They guys were skilled and fast. The Portuguese vs the Latinos.

There were aspects of this match that were easy. I compare it to a championship match at youth tournament. All the problem teams have been eliminated previously. These guys came to play, no wine, not fight, not cheat.  So this was excellent play.

The tough part. The little stuff caused the problems. Hard to see deflections. Got the direction wrong several times. Are the contact which could be a foul trifling or not? Who instigated the contact?

The big picture? They start taking things personal on the field. A few threats at each other. And the DOGSO in the 88 minute.

I missed signaling two great advantage calls.

My analysis? They had no idea who I was. Because I was unknown they did not have an opinion about me and thus respected me as the center.

Was I in over my head – if things went south, yes. However. Things did not go south however.

Mike C and Mehtab G were up to the event.

I got the assignment because of a schedule goof up. The match, originally schedule for 11AM was moved to 3PM. The center moved it back to 11AM then could not come back at 3PM.

Over mentoring a youth referee


Worked with Danial C today, a fine upcoming young referee.

I mentored, Coffey mentored. The poor referee who thought he was good before  now knew what he has to work on. Coverage, Coverage, Coverage.

Here is Danial with his Dad and I after the match.