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Out with the old (Black Jack II), in with the new – iPhone4


iPhone4 came today. I will use the iphone as a phone for a few days. Hopefully I will get better using it as time goes on.

It required iTunes to activate. I will make a VM under VirtualBox to store to sync up with later.

Replaced the trusty Black Jack II


Michael jumps ship into SF bay off Alameda


Michael gave me a tour of his ship the day before he left the bay area. It’s the USS Yorktown in the background.

His captain gave him the day off so we could watch the USA vs Algeria match the next morning. The USA wins on Donovan’s stoppage time goal. Very exciting.

A referees view of the USA vs Slovenia match


As a US fan it is difficult to stay neutral on the USA vs Solvia match.

I did not like Dempsy’s foul in the first minute. It was a least a caution if not a send-off and it was a sign of things to come in how the referee saw the match.

I thought this was one of the best matches of the tourment so far.

The agony of falling two behind and the escasy of coming back and almost winning makes for a great soccer match.

I too thought the whistle was while the ball was in the air and called by the AR – both confirmed by the following referee prespective article.

I like the ratings and views of the referees expressed by

This picture is from the second minute of the match. The Slovenia player was walked off the field to recover.

If I had this view, I would have sent off Dempsey for Serious Foul Play. He is using his elbow as a weapon, pointed end into the soft flesh in this case.

MSCC softball


Hey, we had enough people to field a team and had a nice game.

We had our nice new green shirts.

We had a couple of nice catches by Hunter and Cal.

We scored a couple of runs with Denny and Mike.

Joyce, thanks for the score keeping!

Sting and the London Orchestra. Nice concert.


Nice concert at sleep train Pavilion in Concord.

TRK provided the tickets for DMK, Michael Z, Gary W and I. Chris P joined us also.

Sting did well and the Orchestra made for a really nice atmosphere.

It was a long day though. After starting at 5:30 with the drive to Turlock for soccer.

World Cup and USA vs England – watched match with 15 referees in Turlock, great result for USA


Went to a Pizza Parlor in Turlock for the USA vs England. About 15 referees from US Club regionals joined me there.

Great result for the USA.

I did not like the challenge on Howard that resulted in his injury. No disciple was inappropriate for that foot in the chest. Minimum a caution. I think it could have been a send off as there was no ball play. Were was the AR’s input? I think the referee did an OK job in the middle but don’t think he got high marks.

US Club Regionals Boys in Turlock. Exciting ending


Had a nice trip to Turlock.

Refereed with Tara Grow and Shawn Darmousseh on the first U14B match.

I did not realize the quality of my ARs. Each time I overruled them – on a foul, on an offside. Later we found I was wrong. I had two cautions. One for PI and one for a tactical foul in the center circle.

The Second match with a Belgian referee Didier Digneffe and Jerry Zavada, U15B was very skilled but lop sided match. Didier was a little over stern with the boys.

The last match was with Hamed Sadeghi, a young upcoming state referee from Utah. He did well on the U19B match. The match was not much of a challenge and Hamed did not make it challenging. Two cautions.

German food in Mt View – the vurst was good


Went for lunch with the Support group from Electric Cloud to Deiters in Mt View.

It was a german restaurant. But not the greatest sandwich. Hing ordering at the counter.

Sailing in Santa Cruz, three hours with Electric Cloud engineering


Every year the Engineering department at the Cloud goes sailing for an afternoon.

I am now part of the Engineering department and here I go sailing for the first time.

I was on Scott S, Maggie B, Eli A and Shing were on the boat I was on.

The sailing was good because of the pressure differentual with the fog three miles off the coast. We only went out to the one mile bouy. That is where the waves were the biggest and the wind the strongest. I did not get sea sick at all on this event.

Aldos Seafood for lunch in Santa Cruz


I ordered the seafood platter at Aldos.

The Shrimp, fish and calamari were deep fried, With french fries. nothing spectacular here.

The group was special, the entire Electric Cloud engineering group.

Ric Thomas sat across from me at lunch.