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MSCC Recreational Softball Final Regular Season final match ends with game wining hit by DMK


Tonight was the last regular season Softball match.

When Tom D said his son Tom was coming, I said, wait a minute, maybe my son would come also.

We had a slow start. The opponent’s first at bat was a home run. The opponent’s first inning they maxed out on runs (six).

Our bats started out slow also.

I came in as pitcher, we adjusted the outfield – Tommy D made a couple of great catches, moved the infield around.

The bats started coming on.

Tommy D hit a home run. Angela got a hit. We had a couple of safe calls after the opposite team pulled their foot off the base.

We went into the bottom of the 7th one run down. Mike M drove in Fermin for the tieing run.

DMK up next and he slammed the ball over the right fielders head for a home run that drove in Mike M to win the game 17-15!


California Gurls invade PA. you have to be from PA to appreciate this video


I’ve been spending too much time on Youtube.

Paradies of California Gurls abound.

You’ve got to be from PA to appreciate this video.

Kendig Gathering 2010, food was good, we all had a good time


We had 90 people at the 2010 Kendig Gathering in at East Lampeter Community Park east of Lancaster on the Sunday after the Herr/Kendig 300 year celebration.

We had people from Oregon, Ohio, Boston, Maine, California, North Carolina.

There was a group picture at in front of the pavilion.

Pulled pork by JoBoys in Manheim and everyone brought a covered dish.

300 years of Herr/Kendig in Lancaster Pennsylvania


There was a celebration of 300 years since the Herr/Kendig/Mylin group of settlers trekked into Penns woods and established a homes.

There were probably between 300 and 400 people at the Hans Herr House on Saturday for stories, genealogy and a picture.

I’ll place a better picture later, but here is the place holder for now.

The meal was for 300 people with a band at the end of the tables to create a great atmosphere.

Shady Maple north of Blue Ball – reputation meet of best food of Lancaster County PA


Ethyl says “I live not far from Shady Maple”

Mary Lowry says “it is the best all you can eat restaurant around”.

Why? Because there quality cannot be matched, neither can there price. Try Shady Maple, it is worth the trip from NY!

But anyone can open an all you can eat restaurant, what makes this one better? Just try it Tom.

So we tried it and we liked it.

Sausage, chicken liver, meat loaf, red beet eggs, chow chow. And this is some of the best prepared PA Dutch food I’ve seen.

DTK and CMD (for her Birthday) had a great $10 lunch there – all you can eat! We ended with whoppie pies.

Snapping turtles for auction at Roots Country Market


Roots market is one of the strangest markets you will be at. Tuesday they have all kinds of produce, nick nakes and animals for auction.

I had a pork sandwich and oyster sandwich for dinner.

Bought some Kettle Corn.

Watch the vegetable auction. The ice-cream auction and the small animal auction – which included these two snapping turtles.

Alice’s Diner outside of Lancaster in Bridgeport for Breakfast


A classic diner with clean tables and fine inexpensive food. Maybe kinda like my Jenny’s Diner review hear earlier. Stop off and try Alice’s Diner & Family Restaurant in Bridge Port.

I had the two egg special with bacon and passed on the apple dumpling.

This owner’s son helped at the cash register. Yes he was very cute and my Aunt Toots and Uncle Kenny show his great smile!

Dienner’s Country Restaurant for Dinner in Ronks PA


Here is a place owned and run by Amish that make some really genuine Amish food.

Dienner’s Country Restaurant opens early in the morning, 7AM for Breakfast and closes at 6PM so we got there a 5:45, just before closing.

I like the cole slaw. I had the buttered noodles. I can’t make them that good. The ham loaf was gone before I tried it but I hear it was good. The red beets were tasty. The chicken was good too.

I had fruit jello with peach pie for dessert. Yes this is Lancaster County at it’s best.

Is Spain boaring or what – but wait – was that a kung fu kick to the chest?


The World Cup final was fitting.

A scrappy Dutch team against a Spanish team that was content with the ball at their feet.

The game was entertaining as it should be. Went long which makes it more dramatic and needed a great referee to get the game into the place where everyone could live with it. The crowd cheers when the ball rips the back of the net. How exciting.

If Webb had called it by the book – which we all as referees are supposed to do the pass the assessment at the lower levels it would have been a different game. The foot to the chest is a send off after all (but did not draw blood in this venue). PI cautions on the Dutch would have appeared once or twice, 47 total fouls committed, 28 by the Dutch, average of 3 per Dutch player. Even the foot/leg fouls could have been cautioned or with an over zealous referee are a send off.

To Webb’s credit the game stayed entertaining and finished with the right team probably winning. Although the Dutch had their chance.

Watched the match with Brother Dave and family in Maryland. A great cheer went up when Spain scored.

Paul McCartney plays on in AT&T park in SF


I mean if Paul did “Give Ireland back to the Irish” or “Sally G” in concert, well I’d fall off my seat. Short of that Sir Paul put on a great concert on Saturday night in SF. At 70 he can still entertain.

I like the Beatles, I like Paul McCartney. I was surprised how much the Beatles were part of the McCartney concert. I ended up liking the Wings and new songs of Paul better than the old Beatles songs. A little over half the concert was Beatles.

I liked the “Venus and Mars” opening. I liked “Band on the Run”. I like the new song “Sing the Changes“. The Beatles songs were OK and well done. I just liked the newer stuff better. I would not have thought that before the concert.

Ya, I’ve seen Paul McCartney before (in his Wings days). Ya, I liked today in my life singing out loud to PM songs.

Here is the playlist:

Set list:
1) “Venus and Mars”/”Rock Show”
2) “Jet”
3) “All My Loving”
4) “Letting Go”
5) “Got to Get You into My Life”
6) “Highway”
7) “Let Me Roll It”
8) Jimi Hendrix tribute/”Foxy Lady”
9) “The Long and Winding Road”
10) “Nineteen-Hundred and Eighty Five”
11) “Let ‘Em In”
12) “My Love”
13) “I’m Looking Through You”
14) “Two Of Us”
15) “Blackbird”
16) “Here Today”
17) “Dance Tonight”
18) “Mrs. Vanderbilt”
19) “San Francisco Bay Blues”
20) “Eleanor Rigby”
21) “Something”
22) “Sing the Changes”
23) “Band on the Run”
24) “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”
25) “Back in the U.S.S.R.”
26) “I’ve Got a Feeling”
27) “Paperback Writer”
28) “A Day in the Life”
29) “Give Peace a Chance”
30) “Let It Be”
31) “Live and Let Die”
32) “Hey Jude”
Encore 1:
33) “Day Tripper”
34) “Lady Madonna”
35) “Get Back”
36) “Yesterday”
37) “Helter Skelter”
38) “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)”
39) “The End”

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