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House Dinner this week is fresh pork with salad


Just Rudy and I for the house dinner this Tuesday.
The port was broiled. Simply prepared, tasted fine.


Taqueria Can-Cun is SF. Nice pork tostada


After some hand crafted beer from Chris – a Belgian Beer and and Hefferveisen, we headed out for some Mexican food at Taqueria Can-Cun on Mission Street.

I had the pork Tostada. TRK and Chris the super tacos.

Mens amateur last day of play in SFSFL


This was a tough match. It turns out I had a great youth referee as AR1 and did not know it until the end of the match debriefing.

1) I left too much go early.

2) My scanning was poor – I misses many of my ar1 assisting calls. Including when to caution and the send off that should have been at the end.

3) I was to nice as a referee to the players. What did victor say, I was too liberal in my interpretation of the events.

Victor is a peer of Ben Regal. He is from Berkeley, should be a state referee.

The crew, Victor Rivas, myself and Victor Barrientos.

Banana Leaf Milpitas for the best roti


Great place for Friday dinner. Utamaro Basel snap peas and a marinaded chicken dish. Yes the Roti is the best. Jackie, the waiter behind the counter has grown to recognise us. We talked to him through the downturn and he as struggled to keep his house. At 7PM the bar was completely empty. By 7:30 everything was full at by 8PM the line was 30 people deep.

TGI Sushi in Sunnyvale try the Kevin roll!


Kevin’s roll is the best!

Dish Dash Sunnyvale for a free lunch


Mark P, Bill C, Tom J, Matthew K and Tom K for the company sponsored lunch. We we less than fifty cents from the target of seventy-five for the five of us.

I had the chicken kabob on rice with iced tea.

Tuesday house dinner, Val is lead chief


We had gyros tonight.
Pitas with gyros meat balls, salad on top with sauce and grilled onions and some extra Mozzarella cheese.
We had white box wine from world markets and malbec from Argentina.

Don’t ever give these guys your car keys when you are on vacation Nikal’s new office


Nikal went to Hawaii.

Nikal came back from Hawaii to find his desk in his car wrapped in post it stickers and food wrap.

Little mad fish for birthday celibration


Sushi was good. I learned what the glass bead in the bottle was for. (decoration).

We had the salmon that was the freshest and finished with the Unagi.

Because it was DMK’s birthday we had the special fried green tea dessert. It was a nice finish.

Once in a soccer referee career call for a winning goal


It was soccer Sunday as usual.

I went to my matches at Mustang not knowing what to expect.

First match was a u16B semi final with Peter K in the middle and a referee from Livermore, Jason, as the other AR.

I had a great experience. The only goal of the match was scored in front of me with cross in front of the goal and the attacker running from behind to head the ball in solo.

Then I find I find the next match is the U13B final and I am the center. I like U13B matches because the players are so high energy and low mass. They bounce off each other. Sometimes they instigate the contact, some times they get hit acrobatically. Often they jump at each because they are so fearless.

We did the international walk on. Very nice.

The match starts. Good play. One team scores 20min into the match. The score was with the flow of play. The kickoff after the goal, the other team marches down the field and scores! We are tie.

The second half starts. I call a few handballs (I should not have called them). 15 min into the half the white team advances down the field. The defender in the box bumps the attacker off the ball into the attacking corner. Was it contact. Yes. Would I call a penalty not really. I see the attacker run to the ball. I yell advantage! The attacker gathers the ball and crosses it over in front of the goal. Number 10 attacking was right there and slammed the ball into the back of the net with his head.

It was the winning goal —- scored on my advantage call. Has never happened before. Will probably never happen again. It was a good day in soccer.