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College Soccer at Evergreen College is a Norman Rockwell event


It was a warm fall evening in South San Jose.

The music before the boys game was loud. We did a National Anthem. The game starts. The boys played hard. The score was lopsided but for Colin A and Victor B. But this was a dream game. Colin is a great referee and the boys never challenged any of his carefully called fouls. The coaches sat with there 20 players on the bench. I was going, like why again is it so tough to be a referee?

The game ended and everyone shook hands and a great fall evening was over.


TGI’s Sushi Sunnyvale, nice looking and good tasting


Nice sushi dinner at TGI’s Sushi after a long day of refereeing.

Tournament day two was hot and no real interesting games – except John Doyle was a fan


Only pictures of other referees. The day started off slow and got slower and my consolation match was cancelled.

Tournment weekend opens at Central Park Fremont


The young ladies passing the ball around is so easy compared to the men’s amateur matches.

My first match was on U15 Girls with Eric and Jim D

I had one center and two other ARs Saturday.

48 hours of soccer begins with my first college assesment


It was a very easy woman’s match at Los Positas. Peter S and Vern S were my ARs and were good support.

I was disappointed in myself at the assessment by Jack M. The only thing to work on in this match was positioning and Jack had lots of feedback.

After ten years of referring I still was not positioned correctly on corner kicks. I constantly was “behind play” by choice in my positioning. The “lanes” positioning I have to get down.

My notes from the assessment:

1) Was too close to the AR and center of field (should have been wider)

2) I was trailing play.

3) My corner kick position was on the near side and should have been the far side so I could see the action going into the mix of players.

4) I need to be ahead of play in the diagonal lanes of play.


Homemade hamburgers in san jose Japan town


Rudy was the chief. I provided the Hanna Zin wine. Rob provided the grill and chocolate desert. DMK had the night off after a schedule change at Solyndra.

Talapia for another fine dinner


We had a nice dinner. Talapia and salad.

Red wine from Argentina, Malbec, delicious.

We watch an Shutter Island which blurs the lines between the sane and the insane.

U19B Center at MVU, something to look forward too


Should have been an easy game.

I did not like there was an injury on the field. #6 from Sunnyvale should have been sent off.

Chris G and Mike C were excellent support.

Two college games in a row


Worked with Bill B and Kyle P in the boys match. Hilo from Hawaii vs Dixie. It got a little test and at the end of regulation the boys got into a scuffle. The instigator and escalator were ejected.

The second match was the girls match working with Luis N one of the best up and coming young referees. Anmar A was the other AR.

Phuong Thao vietnamese restaurant on Murphy street Sunnyvale


The Pho was good. I had the spring rolls and a Corona.

Their business card had hand written