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Beach Chalet for a dramatic sunset


We had a nice looking over the Pacific on Halloween as the Giants started a World Series game that they would eventually win.

The Restaurant is on the google places. It has a good atmosphere, good drinks like the micro brew beer and well prepared food.

Jay and Ethel and Cathy and I and TRK and Chris talked and talked over Salmon and Beer battered fish and pasta and fresh tuna salad.


SF State and Cox stadium for mens College senior day game


This match had the most atmosphere of any match I’ve refereed in College.

I goofed an early call when I boobled the flag.

Said presented six cautions. He is materful in his calls. Glen was AR1.


Frankie, Johnny and Lugi Too, Italian in Mountain View


Nice restaurant – Frankie Johnny and Lugi Too was not very busy on this night. Good food. I had a salad and shared CMD pasta.

JMK and Ethyl had a nice dinner sharing their pasta with Bob and Margaret having their own pasta share.

We had terimusu and Apple pie for desert.

Kick or Treat tournament in Fremont


The girls match was easy. The boys match I had to give a caution.

Division three refereeing has become a relaxing event for me.

Dave B and Christian A were my excellent easy help on these Saturday games.


Evergreen College Women is an easy game for the center, no discipline


It was easy for Rich R and Carl S and I. The girls played relitively skilled without many fouls.

No cautions. We had a good time.


La Milpa Milpitas was over half empty on this World Series night


I had a simple Pork Tamale. DMK had the enchalda Mole.

The tables in the back were unset and with lights turned off. The comment was it was because the second game of the World Series was in progress with SF Giants playing. They won! Who are those guys anyway? But I think it is the slow economy that is darking half the restaurant.

Jay and Ethel and CMD rounded out the crew.


Simple talapia and pacific cod for Dinner


Monday night is house dinner night!

Rudy and DMK co cheifed for two white fish, the talapia and the cod.

I cooked the brown rice and provided the Selby Pinot which was excellent with the fish.

The discussion was around cars, DMK’s new Beamer and the show Top Gear as review on 60 minutes kept the discussion going.

Men’s amatuer match. First half easy, second half I had to manage things


It was the Rovers vs Grasshoppers.

The first half was easy. The guys worked with the slippery grass to get a feel for abilities.

The second half there was more to call and constant vigilance was required. Most of the fouls were delaying the restart and other shenanigans. The match would have been barely difficult enough for an assessment.

Paul O and Scott S were great help with the match.

Two U16 D4 matches, not too interesting but an interesting comment from a coach


The U16 Girls match was not challenging at all.

Robert K and Hudson did well on assistance. Gave Robert some feedback helping him to get to the next referee level.

The coaches in the first half had a difficult time staying in the technical area – obviously not enforced with the previous referees.

The touch line dissent had me go over and address the coaches directly using my favourite line,  “You are here for instruction, I don’t need your help”. The caution before half time for a keeper delay of game was new to them also.

In the second half, the AR reported to me after the game, the coaches started watching me. They were not used to my gestures to the ARs. I was touched that they spent the second half observing referees.

1999 BMW 323i Manual transmission, Dark Blue, 118K miles


DMK has his BMW. Beautiful machine.