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Pho Queen Sunnyvale is a Pho favorite


Great Pho lunch (#19, as I call it gizzards and livers) for lunch.

Mike P had pho also today.


Jerry four


Lots of jerry’s this year.  This is number four.

Sushi picture of the day


Tasami Sushi was setting up for dinner.

What a beautiful picture. Nice bay area memory.

The Social Network is a great movie for black Friday.


It was a good movie as Rudy said it would be.

Sorcan writes a good script. The characters were interesting as was the music. I love the “Baby your a rich Man” ending song. Get you singing when leaving.

The move to the west coast captures why California is the promise land.

It does not answer the question why was myspace eclipsed by facebook.

Had a discussion with brother Dave.

He was critical of the movie – which he has not seen – because it was not truthful.

I said I knew going in that the movie was not a documentary but was loosely based on reality.

Thanksgiving this year at the Miller house


Margaret gave the blessing this year.

Wine was the Talty Zin.

Turkey was great!!!

DMK and Val came for Dinner.

Debbie and Michael, Stan the man, Bill H, Craig & Susie and Sierra joined Bob and Margaret and CMD for another wonderful Thanksgiving. It took two tables!

The Board Walk in Los Altos for a Burger lunch


Wednesday lunch before Thanksgiving and the office group from ECloud had a fun lunch.

Had the Boardwalk deluxe burger. It was good!

iPhone 4.2.1 update complete – 5 best apps report


iPhone update went really smoothly.

This update even saved my phone calls and text messages and contacts.

They really do a great job on saving the state of the phone and restoring it after software update.

Current top 5 apps:

1) NPR app I use every day. I like the on demand content.

2) google maps with traffic I use all the time.

3) around me

4) texting.

5) browsing with Safari

MLS Cup final – is that Craig as AR2? did he just watch that foul with no comment


I did watch the MLS cup final – especially after I saw an opening shot of AR2. Hey that is Craig!

It was an exciting game. Conner Casey was a bull on the field. As brother Dave says, it was not very attractive.

I thought the no call was brilliant – especially after looking at the slow motion replay.

There were three swan songs in the match.

1) Toranto – the venue was freezing. November in Canada – what were they thinking. They had to have fur coats on the celebrate at the end of the match! Time for the rest of the late in the year MLS cups to be in the Sun Belt.

2) Masteroni the Colorado Capitan. The goat from the 2002 World Cup US vs Italy match when he was sent off just before half time. He has been a world class player for the last 10 years. At the end of his career. A fitting end for Maseroni and I’m sure he appreachates it. He can’t keep up with the young players and it is time for a new player to take his place.

3) Craig Lowry – Now longer a FIFA referee as he is past the maximum age limit, he is one of the best and most experienced ARs the US has to offer. His active career refereeing is near the end. It is time for a younger referee to get the chance at an MLS final.

Easy Sunday Amateur match


After the rain the Rovers played Carthaginian?

Essam had an easy time with Alex being the other AR.

Wine tasting event in Holister – by the fault


Had a nice event where Rich B pored wine.

CMD and I were are the release party for DeRose Vinyards.

The San Andreas fault runs right through this winery. The plaque marks the spot.