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New years eve


Fine gathering at Tom and Jerry’s next to Wirthless’s place. Played fossball and Dutch Bliss at different times during the evening.

Jerry made some great lamb ribs and lasagna. Lillian made her home made salsa. Dan provided five bottles of Champaign and cigars for the evening.


Guadalajara Mexican Food in Tucson for lunch


New Years Eve Lunch. Pick a local place in Tucson which is
Mexican. Add a bunch of people and get a great lunch! I had a pork
enchilada. Fine lunch food. Good atmosphere.

Frost is a Tucson original. Keeps all of us older healthy on Gelato


After dinner we headed out for gelato at Frost. Very colorful. It was good, healthier that Cold Stone.

Mr An’s Sushi on Oracle Road Tucson


The specialty sushi was the kiwi Mango roll. Sapporo was unfortunately the beer. (no Asahi).

Mr. An’s Steak and Seafood in Tucson.

Wirthless meet us there with Lilian and her son David and Anna. Sierra and CMD rounded out the table

What a truck stop road special looks like at the the Railroad Pass Hotel


Your driving down the highway and you see the Casio sign
advertizing the $1.99 breakfast. What do you get? Try the Railroad Pass
Hotel and Casino
. There was a line. The people were not
supper friendly. The clintel was old old old. But you will never
find a better $1.99 eggs. Sierra had the Belgian Waffel that she
said was better than the one at the Belagio!

The Stupid Factory and colorful apples in Las Vegas


Walking around the Venetian looking for David and Goliath “Stupid Factory”.

The candy covered apples were beautiful!

The Palm bar bits at Ceasar’s Palace Las Vegas for dinner


So you search on the internet for the best deals Vegas for dinner and you get this selection of places.

We picked The Palm at Ceasar’s Place for this excursion.

The deal was only good at the bar. I had a long wait. The help was not very helpful. But the food was good and a good deal.

Belagio buffet and a batman ring


Still my favorite buffet in Las Vegas. This time it was the champaign brunch.

This is my first plate with lamb, eggs and danish.

I include the video. Serria had her ring incident which involved Belagio security.

Kahunaville, bartending on steriods and all sweetdrinks


With “Like a G6” booming and bartenders juggling like crazy
the TI house bar Kahunaville was it’s own event. Nice sweet rum
drinks though. The rum is in the test tube. The orange is a gummie worm in the drink.

Treasure Island Pirates and a view of the Strip


The sirens of Treasure Island was the theme. Nice view up the Las Vegas strip from the hotel window.