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Pad Thai in Sunnyvale – no lines here


A Sunday night out for dinner.

I tried the special weekend salad. It was kinda like kimchi and spicy.

It was good I could share with CMD’s chicken dish to cool things off.

Not sure this was good enough to go back.


First PSL match help at Morgan Hill on the grass


This was a challenging amatuer match but managable.

Victor B was the center and although he me almost all the right calls, the Portigues coach had a lot to say about his call.

Both goals were scored in front of me. Beautiful goals.

Victor B and Glenn O were the referee team.

Gilroy for Dinner, wine training for Super Bowl Sunday


An evening with Edie and Randy. The wine was great including and Edna Valley Pinot.

CNRA referee training 120 referees


This was a good training session.

I learned I had been mentially trained to call offside incorrectly – or I did not know how to recognize the close offside calls. Keep the flag down if you don’t know!


High school varsity boys at logan


A relatively easy match for Michael L. With Bill B and I assisting. The first caution 5 min into the match left the players off guard with an official they did not know.

They behaved after that. Irvington was trounced by Logan.

Usman’s last days at Electric Cloud ends at Fire House in Sunnyvale


Usman M is off to his new adventures. As a founder of Electic Cloud and on of the most expressive intellectuals I’ve meet he will be misses.

Dax F hosted an event at the Fire House in Sunnyvale as a fair well. We all had drinks on Usman even though he does not drink. We all got the irony.

Making better use of the iPhone, new top five apps


My iPhone is becoming more and more amazing.

New apps loaded in the last week:

1) xfinity – change channels on Comcast now from my iPhone over the internet, wild.

2) yahoo messager. video works from the iphone.

3) ByeBye v4 – yup, this next week we will run out of new IVP4 addresses.  IVP6 baby!

4) Skype – I can make video call while I take my lunch walk. Excellent. Have videoed to Fremont, Medford, Severn, New York and Uruguay so far.

5) Schwab on my iPhone. Made my first iPhone trade today. I am now long Citi Bank.

Apps I use daily:

1) NPR app – every morning

2) google maps – why am I waiting in traffic?

3) skype – who can I video chat with on my way home in traffic?

4) flashlight app – what a life saver in restaurant and changing oil at night.

5) Facebook – not really and I shouldn’t us it daily but I do use it a lot.

What I use the iphone for every day:

1) phonecalls

2) camara

3) texting

4) calendar

5) contact/email reading.

Koreana Tofu House in Santa Clara


I had the fish tofu dish, piping hot when you drop the raw egg in it.

Koreana Tofu House in Santa Clara is a fun place to have dinner. Simple but good with chimche, well I like the spicy cabbage.

Round table free pizza after sharks score 4


Hey. It was free! Black olive topping on a personal pizza.

Amakara sushi in Dublin


Sushi as art with Catherine and Gary. Amakara was beautiful presentation.

Monk fish liver was my special sushi. And the hamachi was soft and the mango roll was good. We had the roasted etemati which was a nice change.