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Another easy men’s match


Steve K had an easy match. Dan ? was the other AR.

The men came to play today.


HS boys final and Referee after party at Elephant Bar in Dublin


Michael Thayer was the center in this final match of the season. Tim Z and young referee Alex Faircloud were the ARs.

Yes there was a sendoff for violent conduct.

Great meeting at the elephant bar afterwards. We closed the place.

Referee training at skyline


Make that a send off for a boot in the chest in the World Cup. I was pleasantly surprised the high up referees knew that was a send off and were upset that Webb did not send off the Dutch player.

Lots of important referees at the training. Bill Miller gave a presentation.

I took the fitness test before hand – and passed.

I took the State Maintenance multiple choice test and was just below a passing score.

Sunnyvale vegitarian vietname food


The vegetarian crepe is the best here. There are vegetarian pot stickers.

The restaurant was full for a Friday evening.

Afterward it was food as art at cold stone creamery.

Boys of ATE lunch at Mission Cafe


Another great sushi experience at Satsuma.

The boss was working behind the counter and we miss Sho our favorite sushi chief.

Satsuma in Mountain View, sushi as art


Another great sushi experience at Satsuma.

The boss was working behind the counter and we miss Sho our favourite sushi chief.



Snow at the top of Santa Cruz mountains


Cool to have it snow on the way back from Monterey.

Rappa’s Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey was expensive and not to good


The view was great at Rappa’s Fisherman’s Wharf. The place was not very busy on this rainy day and the food nothing special for CMD and I.

This is a tourist place and as such is fine. However it is not a real find.

Sand dabs and rock cod pictured here. I had a glass of Kenwood savioung blanc.

As I said walking out, Passion Fish is twice the place at twice the price. Go to Passion Fish. It is worth the price and experience.

Passion Fish in Pacific Grove remains a personal favorite


How does Passion Fish do it? There fish is the softest tastiest fish ever.

The butternut squash soup with a little bacon in it and the Brussel sprout salad were excellent appetizers.

I had the salmon. CMD had the sturgeon.

The chocolate dessert. Yummy.

NCS girls HS easy play of game in Danville


Andres H made this game easy. Well maybe it was easy anyway.

Marty V was the other AR.

Monte Vista easily beet Freedom.