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Monday house dinner with klabosie


Val and Rudy for a house dinner on Monday night. We like it! Klabasie and rice and salad. Delicious.



Dim Sum at Ton Kiang on Clement in SF


Meet TRK and Chris P on Clement street in SF for dim sum after soccer. Talked of wedding plans for this summer.

Dim Sum was great. The pork buns were fine. The custards were weak.



Sfsfl men’s amateur matches in SF


These were good matches. Harris and Vince had the centers. No real shenanigans or stories.

I took a photo of the next crew to lock in the location. I recognized Danny M in the crew.


Thai takeout and Dutch blitz


Great dinner with jeff and Ginny with take out Thai food.

We had Hanna savingon for red and the Rociolli savingon blanc.

Then on to two games of Dutch blitz.


State cup u16 boys in Danville


Had a great game with Alex F and Dan. No real controversy in the match.

I was the center on last match of the day. Mustang was the favorite against Union City. The U16 boys behaved well. I had two cautions one for dissent the second for a late careless tackle.

Jeff Smith, an on the way to state referee was a great AR1. AR2 was district youth referee Erica Kuo.



La Bodeguita del Medio in Palo alto was great place for Friday dinner


An evening at La Bodeguita del Medio in Palo alto. A little expensive but excellent drink and food.

Started with a mojeto and sidecar drinks, sweet small and tasty.

The banana chips with black beans, just a great appetiser.

Next was the poletios salas. Small but delicious.

Then the chicken with rice dish. Fall of the bone tender.

Last the chocolate cupcake with chocolate sauce. Very good.

Gobi Mongolian Sunnyvale for lunch


Gobi Mongolian for lunch? Sounds like a good idea. For a simple meal.

Abdy and Ed C joined for lunch and Chris O took his whole team from national there.

I kept the meal light with no noodles or rice – then bad ice cream for dessert.



PSL cup match on a Sunday afternoon


This was a completive match. Worthy of an assessment.

Rob S was in the center. There was much he missed, on the field of play and off the field of play (like my substitution signals). Deleny Q was the other AR. No comment from here on the centers calls. Interesting.

In the end the right team won. I like the losers, Gordon beirsch team play though. The men had fun.


Founders cup ripon second day – easier matches


Worked with jonasses and Craig on these semi final matches.

Johannass had a little trouble in his match. He is a good referee. Right at the end of the match the boys got in each others face. I jumped on the field and we got the 19 year old boys separated. There was a good caution when the keep went to the other side of the field to help his buddies. No harm done but we recognized the offense as USB.


Founders cup in Rippon, U19 boys are good!


Worked with Jesus and Craig on two excellent u19 boys matches.

My center went to extra time. The match was tied at three goals apeice after the keeper picked up a pass back from his defender. The ensuing rucus had me eject a player for foul language after he decided I was a terrible fing referee.