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Maria Elenas in Alviso for lunch


Maria Elena’s was a good spot for lunch with Stacy and Jonathan.

I had the pork enchiladas.


Easter as red beet eggs


The red beet eggs were delicious this year.

I made two dozen red beet eggs and two dozen reveled eggs.


Saturday night dinner at Rob’s house in San Jose


Look at the size of that steak!

Rob was at Costco and of course there was a great sale.

We had a great chardonnay to start off with a nice white cheddar cheese. Red jug wine from Preston with the steak and grilled onions. And a chocolate bunny rabid for dessert.

One of Robs girl friends stopped by later.


CSEB vs St Mary’s college men has become easy


Worked with Jorge Morales-Villon for the first time. Penalty kick in the first 5 minutes. It was the right call.

The boys did fine. There was very little controversy in the match.

Thang Phi was the other AR. Thang likes to make the elbow foul call. Always shows the flap flap on his elbow when he makes the call.


Egg Olympics at MSCC


Ted S and I ran the egg toss at the MSCC egg olympics.

We had a great time. Broke about four dozen eggs.

Jody and Carrie beat john and Kirk in the adult category.

But it was a deaf fellow and I that got the most tosses and the farthest tosses.

The photo is of the entrance to the event. We really had a lot of people help to set up and maybe 100 kids come through to do activities.

The vidieo is of Mike E and I juggling eggs.

Rubios Mexican Sunnyvale for lunch


Let’s go to lunch was the call. Of to the new Rubios in Sunnyvale.

I had the world famous fish tacos.
They we ok but world famous?
Part of the Electric Cloud exec team had fun at the salsa bar.

College men soccer at CSU


I has two back to back matches at CSU.

Bala was the center on the first with Danny M the other AR. The match was uneventful.

Adam C was the center on the second match with Richard H as the AR. This match was more interesting. Adam is a state referee candidate and showed it during the match. He had good positioning and coverage.



Banana Leaf in Milpitas with tuna tower


Banana leaf restaurant is a popular date and family place. Always full – expect a wait, sometimes long.

The coconut soup, amazing. The tuna tartar mountain i think called the tuna sashimi tower is food as art and delicious. The roti is the best in the bay area.



Sneha fine south and north Indian dining in Sunnyvale


Indian buffet at it’s best. Sneha off Lawrence and Central. The food is good. A little over 10 dollars for lunch buffet.

I had some lamb dishes and mango ice cream for dessert.

Abdy M drove to the place picked by Manpreet. Dave Fung was the guest of honor from Portland. At the end of the meal I found out all four of us have iPhones!



Working with one of the best college referees


It was St Mary’s vs Sacramento state, a D1 scrimmage.

Chris Hutchenson was the Middle. Ron was the excellent AR. He attributed his ease of side stepping to his skills in basketball.

Chris is a college national referee candidate. He did a great job on the field and the men respected him well. Only on caution during the match for a tactical foul.

Beside the field was the Cal vs St Mary’s rugby match. What a turn out! The speed of play with no protection was amazing.