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Champaign don’t make me lazy


Root pulled out the guitar. I tried to join in and Andres used his great talents to join in.

People sang along when they could, there was one song where Lethy and Diana danced.

It was an evening that should never had ended.


Tim cooks a shindig for the Kendigs


Tim Root asked us all over for dinner. All being the 11 people in south Florida for Alex’s graduation.

We had home made salsa with chips for starters. Five cheeses including an Amish havartie from Michigan which Tim sto this day claims is from Mississippi. Two kinds of shrimp, a brown shrimp and a red local Key West shrimp. A harloom tomato and ricada cheese appetizer.

The main meal was dog fish spicially prepared by Tim with rice and home made black beans.

The wet bar was overstocked. The specialty today was tequila from Mexico to toast Alex’s and the soon to be graduated Irene.

Desert was provided by David, key lime pie. It disappeared quickly.




Sloppy Joe’s again for lunch


After snorking everyone was hungary so off to Sloppy Joes for lunch with Reta on as manager. We found a table and placed orders for food and drink. Doug and David smoked hand rolled cigars. They were smooth, the cigars that is.





Snorkeling on a ref near Key West


With the local discount in hand, we took 11 snorking south of Key West, the sport fishing did not pan out as there was too much wind and the surf was to rough.

The seas were rough and choppy by the reef but we still saw fish. Dave and Doug were way out. So far out the boat captain and two crew could not get the back in a timely manner. The crew had to earn there keep signaling them to come back to the hobbie cat.

Dad jumped in of the boat and lost his mask. He never recovered and spent the remainder of the time on the boat.



Introducing Dr. Alex Kendig


Nova Southeastern University minted about 800 new doctors today. Dr Alex Kendig was one of them. He will start his residency in Allentown around June 15th.




First Watch in sunrise FL is great breakfast spot


Before becoming Dr. Alex Kendig you have to have something to eat and his choice for the crew was First Watch the daytime cafe.

I has the three egg vegetarian omelet. It was good but the fruited French toast was a lot better and healthier. There was eleven of us for brunch. Alex & Shawn. Doug & marina. Dad & David. Andreas and Irene. Lethy and Deanna. And myself.



Barcelona 3 Manchester Unitied 1 as expected


The Kendig boys watched and commented on the match. The right team won. Messi scored and so did Roney.


D’s pizza in ft Lauderdale is good


The pizza was delicious. With anchovies. Yingling was the beer. Excellent.


The beach at Jupiter


Mermaids and guitar at a very nice to visit beach in Jupiter.


Cypress canoe and kayak near Jupiter


Paul M knew of a cypress swamp along Loxahatchee River to go canoeing in west of Jupiter. Paul packed some sandwiches and we took off.

Nice event we saw an osprey and ibis and three owls very closeup.

The crew. Paul and I. Doug and Marina. Alex and Shawn. Andres and Lethy and Deanne.