Microsoft automatic updates considered evil

Here is the exchange in the office about Microsoft automatic updates and a cartoon funny to go with it:

That will *almost* work.  That will prevent it from rebooting on you, but instead it will automagically begin installing updates when you try to shutdown.  Murphy’s law dictates that this will occur when boarding is complete, and the flight attendant is walking down the aisle to ensure that all electronics are turned off.  Not to mention that it will almost certainly choose to do the download when you are in the terminal, on your cellular modem, and roaming, just to maximize the cost of the download and ensure that you have as little bandwidth for YOU as is possible.

Select “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them” instead.


I find this state of affairs to be a very disheartening statement on the concept of “computer ownership”.  It’s really not any different than if your auto dealer had the keys to your car, and could tow it out of your garage or anywhere else it was parked at any time of their choosing for some unspecified maintenance:

Me (at train station): “My car’s been stolen!”

Passer-by: “Oh probably not, it’s “Patch Tuesday”, so it’s more likely that Ford has just towed it in for an oil change – call a taxi, Ford will return it when it’s done.”



I was in the middle of a demonstration when Windows rebooted without warning to apply an update–END OF DEMO!

I’m hoping by changing to

“Download updates but let me choose when to install them”



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