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Oedo Fremont is not what it used to be


After cleaning out a space for a tent in the back yard, DTK and I headed down to Oedo for sushi.

Oedo is now abandoned by 8:30. He had to turn on the lights for us. The sushi is mediocre since the turnover is not what it was 2 or 4 years ago.



Cccm/mscc second victory


We has our second softball win in a row. We are coming together as a team a little better.


Coming up for air (CUFA) in Tahoe for soccer


Worked with Gerry Drobny and Stefan Hallgren on the U14 girls field.

Early in the second half as the center I had to call a penalty kick with a dgso. The coach just did not understand the call. The coach took the players to the side during the penalty kick in protest of? The call? The match? It was a childish act.

The photo is of Stefan in the center and Gerry and I as AR.


San Jose music in the park with The White Album


Summer in San Jose means free thursday evening concerts in the park.

The Beatles theme band The White Album is the attraction today. There are better knock off bands but this one will do for tonight.


The ugly and the good of referring


Sfsfl on fathers day. The brazilians vs the Croatians. Not a good combination to begin with. At a referee who is not “seeing things” and the trouble resulted in three send offs. Maybe only half of one warranted.

With 10 minutes left the dispossessed player pursed with a vengeance the the person with the ball. Everyone but the center ref saw it coming. It was the instigators second caution. The escalator got his first caution and the guy who spit got his ejection.

Sal, George and I were on the second match.



Fortino winery concert by Rachel Barrentine in Gillroy


Entertaining evening concert by Rachel Barrentine at Fortino Winery in Gilroy.

CMD knew half the audience. The song were inspirational and sometimes funny.



Agape grill in Sunnyvale is great Greek food


The Agape grill in Sunnyvale. Lamb and eggplant tonight. I had the Greek salad and my glass of Hercules wine.


PA Dutch style chicken and waffles for house dinner


Have I made chicken and waffles before? Mom made a great meal of this in my youth.

Rudy K and Maggie K and CMD were the date night dinner guests.


CCCM/MSCC softball on Mondays loss 14-7


Played the best team in our recreational softball league. It was a fun game with a large number of attenders.
Trever made a great catch at second. The women are hitting better.


First annual wine club members only pickup tour


It was time to pick up wine club shipments.

Jeff and Ginny and CMD and I loaded into a car and drove to Healdsburg to meet Gary and Katherine.

After pastry from the square bakery we were off to the first pickup at Selby for CMD wine pickup. We love the Bobcat.

Then off to Seghesio for Jeff’s pickup.

Then to Simi for Jeff’s second pickup. I pilled on with a purchase of savingon blank. Delicious and a good deal for wine club members.

We had lunch at the Jimtown store which had bin on the food channel. Katherine said we had to stop and we all enjoyed it.

We made a drive by at the wedding chalet to check for weeds.

The off to the jug club at Preston winery. There were six of us and we had six jugs to fill. We found they only do one barrel a Sunday so you have to get there before they run out. For $36 for a gallon jug refill which is over five bottles for some great table wine.