First annual wine club members only pickup tour

It was time to pick up wine club shipments.

Jeff and Ginny and CMD and I loaded into a car and drove to Healdsburg to meet Gary and Katherine.

After pastry from the square bakery we were off to the first pickup at Selby for CMD wine pickup. We love the Bobcat.

Then off to Seghesio for Jeff’s pickup.

Then to Simi for Jeff’s second pickup. I pilled on with a purchase of savingon blank. Delicious and a good deal for wine club members.

We had lunch at the Jimtown store which had bin on the food channel. Katherine said we had to stop and we all enjoyed it.

We made a drive by at the wedding chalet to check for weeds.

The off to the jug club at Preston winery. There were six of us and we had six jugs to fill. We found they only do one barrel a Sunday so you have to get there before they run out. For $36 for a gallon jug refill which is over five bottles for some great table wine.








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