What we have here is a failure to communicate – or who was the goat on the USA vs Brazil? Rampone! The Captain!

So what did happen on the USA Brazil match?

Jacqui MELKSHAM was the Australian referee in charge at the match. The USA announcers made her goat of the game. But they don’t know what they are talking about and mislead everyone.

Was Marta the Brazilian goat of the game. I like her attitude. She knows what she expects on the field. Is terribly skilled and it is up to the referee to keep her playing soccer. Thus the caution in the first half.

In the 67th minute she had a tough decision to make. If she makes the call of a foul by defender Rachel BUEHLER on Marta’s clumsy challenge for the ball, she would have to send off Buehler. In my opinion Marta jumped into Buehler and Buehler was going totally for the ball. But she made the call and she has to live with the consequences. It was not a bad call. It just was not a good call.

So the send off occurs, good recognition by Jacqui.

Cristiane takes a penalty kick – and there is encroachment. The captain, RAMPONE, #3 encroaches. Watch the tape. This cause play to stop and there is a retake on the save.

Next Solo leaves the penalty area to dissent to the AR. The Referee appropriately cautions Solo.

Why would a Captain encroach on a penalty kick? Rampone is the goat of the match for the USA.

Invalidating a great save by Solo. No one seems to recognize this. That is the great failure on the referees part to communicate this – with jesters, comments and “presence”.

However all is not well in referee land. Kicks from the mark. The referee Jacqui gets the location of the idle keeper incorrect! The Brazil keeper had to position herself behind the AR instead of the opposite side of the goal from the AR. That alone would have her flunk the assessment!


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