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Lisa has a going away at the Murphy street Sunnyvale Thai restaurant


Lisa D is on her way to here next thing after four years at electric cloud.

She has been a valuable help to me!

We wish you well Lisa in your travels as we know it might be a little to you work again!


Open college season


Alex was the center. Chris the other AR for this opening boys match.

Alex has been a referee for many years. As long as Dorsey. His positions are from the book from
20 years ago.

But the game ended with mission wining!


Pasta premedoro in Milpitas lunch with Scott


Scott T were have you been!

Your son is into some complicated geology with his Phd program.

Keep watching those calories.

Looking forward to your launch of blue gecko.


Eli fairwell from electric cloud and on to contracting at firehouse in Sunnyvale


Eli A is no longer an Electic Cloud. He is now a consultant. It gives him a lot more personal freedom to set his schedule.

We had a short send off AR the Fire house in Sunnyvale area feed by Martin V. Vp of engineering.

Afterwords I watched a great soccer game on the tvs there with a glass of merlot.


Peacekeeper web browser performance monitor


So how do you tell how well your browser performs? Peacekeeper!

Not sure how it keeps the peace but it is fun and fascinating to try.

Wasn’t it Regan that had the peacekeeper missile?

I tried it on my work computer and got these numbers:

IE9: 4982

Firefox 6.0: 4294

Firefox 5.0: 4117

DMK strikes another birthday at beach chalet in SF


The hard worker DMK got permission to got in to work late so he could come to Beach Chalet for an excellent dinner with a view.

I had the ahie tuna on a salad which was excellent. And we shared a pitcher of beer.

CMD, TRK (the new Mrs Porter) and Chris P joined for dinner.

DMK made his own cheese cake for dessert which we enjoyed at the Porter residence afterwards.



Virtual Box has prebuild VMs, what a handy idea


I’ve been using Virtual Box for Windows VMs on my Ubuntu laptap. great product.

Now I find they have reconfigured REHL systems for easy use, re-Built Developer VMs (for Oracle VM VirtualBox)

Hing’s fair-well lunch at Marina Elena in Alviso


Hing was let go from Electric Cloud last Thursday.

The company said little about the removal.

We, his coworkers arranged a lunch in Alviso.

Duc and Vidhya and Alla and Mitchell and Jeff and Kim and ? all had a grand fair-well.


The wine is always great at jeff AMD Ginny’s. Especially the Karla wine



Mustang stampede day ended with golden goal victory


Ken Zupa and Victor M and i at the stampede.

Victor did the quarter final. An over time goal lead to the fair result. All though we had to make him think in one play if a dogso was in effect.

4 games in a day was enough