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A great college boys match at Canada College


Jorge was just a pleasure to work with. Rich was a very good AR.

These young men were fast and bold. In the first half I learned if the calls on the other side of the goal are the center to call.

In the second half my wait wait wait offside call gave the defense a late hit. Not what I intended and gave Jorge more to manage. He did a great job of managing the boys with two cautions.



Max’s best plate is there chicken liver sandwitch


On a JP airport fair-well after a weekend in the wine country Max’s in Burlingame was an excellent location for a blue moon beer and dinner when listening to the piano player in the background.

I love the chicken liver sandwich. JP had the case Dias and Marsha had the southern grits. We all watched the eagles loose to the falcons.


The Rutherford grill is great Napa food


It was a late lunch at this popular spot. But great food and the house wine only available at the grill was the best white of the day.

I had the tuna. JP the hamburger both of which were great!


Best lunch spot in Calistoga has to be the Rutherford Grill


You have 30 dollars you want to blow on a good lunch. Rutherford grill baby.

My fresh tuna salad plate was excellent and the wine only available at the grill was as flavorful as it gets. For the record it was the cheapest savionong Blanc glass on the menu.

JP loved his burger. We ate outside at the bar because the inside was just packed.



A day in Napa valley wine country for once


JP was in town and his friend Marsha was a member at two wineries.

So I made the drive up 128 to Calistoga.

The first winery stop was at Trencher where the Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 at $100 a bottle was excellent.

Then on to a wine tour at the caves Rutherford hills. The $30 tour was subpar, as were the wines. The host of the tour used to work in Las Vegas as a Paul Macartney look alike.

The last stop before lunch was at Cakebread Cellars. We were looking for the Chardonnay high on the buttery scale and almost found it.






Honoring 9/11, the flight 93 memorial in Union City


On Sunday I stopped at the Union City california memorial to United flight 93.

It was the first I had been there. A very appropriate memorial.

I paid my respects to just some of the heroes of that day that made the best they cold of the hand delivered them.

I ran into Paul B and his daughter Stephanie at the memorial. In the modern sense we of course Facebooked each other.



Carol Bartz of Yahoo gets her grips in on this video


The CEO of Yahoo, Carol Bartz, swearing in a public interview?

Wow. Posting here so I can look at it later. It is an old interview posted back in May of 2011.

What makes a good wedding video – ask Jedd Goble


When Chris and Tara were married a month ago, Jedd Goble was there as the videographer.

So I looked up some of his previous work and just fell in love with this video, Emily + Paul at Vimeo.

They are the cutest couple. Their vows are self-made and cute. I always thought regal in a vow works to good effect.

The sparkles make for a brilliant moment also.

Good work Jedd!

One night in SF, the ZenDesk experience


ZenDesk was exhibiting at the Moscone Center and had a free drinks
Event at the Hotel Palomar in SF.

I meet Joy who for Zendesk and works the improve with Stephen and Dustin Sidler.

I meet two Ryans, one who works in the medical indusfry and one that works for the storage industry.

Amie the video person took the picture of Ryan the medical person and John the video person from Dallas and me and Jason from Olafk. Was this a Facebook moment. Look for the photo on the Zendesk Facebook account!