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Mens Amateur play off game was a drubbing for Maritimo from DV8 Elete


Although the first goal was scored by Maritimo they took a 7-1 drubbing from DV8 Elete.

But the referee crew was the best. Ben R could have given 3 cautions but gave none. This was superb game control on his part.

Vince A is a top-notch center and he was the other AR!

I blew an offside call. Called offside when it was not.

Banana leaf in Milpitas is busy and great food


The roti remains the best. The soup delicious. The tofu and veggies was tasty. So which drink is Tom’s and which is CMD’s??


Mission cafe salmon remains good lunch deal


Ken T and Duc joined for lunch. The salmon at the mission cafe is the best.


Logan vs American – how did I get this match? Great girls soccer


This was a match for first place. This was a great match. I was very humbled to be in the middle of this match.

This match had a little of everything. Ball hit referee, center and AR disagreeing, penalty kicks, fans taunting player and fans taunting fans. High school drama all the way.

Hey, it was on TV and now youtube! my first appearance on youtube. The referee in the center in green.

Larry T was the AR on the Logan side, few disagreements. Jairo C was the other AR and we had a couple of mistakes. The 3-2 result was a great result for the match.



Logan vs Kennedy boys this was easy


Danny M did a great job in the center and it was my first match with Keith S.

Don’t know why the boys played so civilized but we as referees had a great time.


Banana leaf in Milpitas for lunch


Had a great time catching up with Scott T after not seeing him for months.

His daughter was married three months ago. Good for you Scott!

I ordered the pad Thai which was good but not the with egg and peanuts lunch I like. Well next time!



Mexquite tacos in redwood city to watch 49ers loose


My men’s amateur match was forfeited, on team only had 4 players. Allyse Cope the other AR left for home.

So I ran out to the closest bar I could find on my iPhone. Mexquite Mexican in down town redwood city.

I had a taco and a shot of taquela and some great sauces as I watch the final field goal. The giants (NY) won and the the taco place was empty on a rainy lat sunday night.


Emaes board meeting dinner – so much fun – so much wine


Edie and Randy were great hosts for this annual dinner. The 36 people that attended all had such a good time talking.

Edie and CMD were the head cooks preparing chicken with cappers and green salad.

The wine flowed and flowed. A couple of notables in the photo. These meals are some of the best I attend.







First varsity boys match center – Milpitas vs Gunn


Nice photo of Dick Wilkerson and William Harrison before the match at Milpitas HS.

The game was an easy straight up soccer match. Few fouls in the first half. In the second half better play and two tactical cautions.


Dutch blitz two nights in a row – gosh we were loud


Lillian won the first night. Dan the last game we played the second night. Kathy had a good time playing and Lynn and anna and David.

We are still working out some of the finer parts of the rules. Like the difference between blitz to end the game and ? to stop the game.