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Ruby’s taqueria for second half of USA vs Italy – wait did the USA just win


Abdy M joined me for the second half of the USA vs Italy soccer match. Wait was that Dempsey that scored? And the USA is up? And the games ends with the USA winning. This was an historic match.

Abdy had the burrito and I the two small tacos. I had a Mexican coke which is real sugar.



Spin a yarn with Brendan and Rob


Catch up with Brendan a Rob C at the now famous spin a yarn in Fremont.


Waterfront mediterranean restaurant in foster city is wow authentic


Searching on yelp for a restaurant in San Mateo TRK found this place called Waterfront.

Falafel pizza? We tried it and it was good. The chicken tikka with rice. Good also. Each of the side dishes were tasty also. The beer at $10 a pitcher for blue moon was a good price.

CMD and Chris P after his training flight and TRK after he president Obama event at the Masonic center last Thursday all had a great chat.



Scratch post valentine dinner in mountain view


2 dollar oysters to start off. Nice.

I had the signature pizza. It was very good. CMD had the meat loaf and liked it.

There is a huge liqueur list. The wine and whiskey were expensive. Must be where they make all their money. Popular among the google crowd supposedly.




Sfsfl advance referee training


This was good training for referee in modern game technics like where to place your bag so it does not get stollen.

How about when a player trips over keepers out stretched hands and then takes the keepers face with the ball and mls wants you to make no call. I would have sent the attacker off.

Over 100 advance referees attended to hear Weyland, Yader and kampmeiner give good presentations.


Rachel Barrintine concert at Fortino winery Gilroy


Rachel creates a great coffee house atmosphere. An intimate setting in the winery setting. A bottle of wine for $15 and enjoy.



La Hacienda Mexican in Gilroy


Started with the mango Mojito.


Pulled pork sandwich at firehouse in down town Sunnyvale


Arlin Holt’s last day at Electic Cloud. Bill Crooke and Andreas and I went to the Fire house in down town Sunnyvale.

Arlin gave me the original nod for the hire at the cloud.

I had the pulled pork sandwich.


Last HS boys match for 2012


Luis Nunez senior was in the center of this great HS varsity boys match. Casper was the other AR.

The crowd was into it. Great play by the boys. The home coach had too much TI say after the match ended in a tie and he did not understand why there was no time added. Luis showed him a red card during the exchange after the match.

There was a mass confrontation in the second half. Nothing really happened, just a lot of bravado. So no discipline in that action and rightfully so.


NCS playoff game at Logan


Tim Hovis was the center in this easy women’s first round match against Liberty.

Peter Kit was the other AR. We had a good time and the crowd did creat some atmosphere.

I’m still bummed at my direction call that insisted direction and then I pointed at the girl! Not good. But I’m recovering.