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There is no such thing as good debit


Use this perspective from Yahoo

I could have written this.


Great games in NorCal state cup has more action


These were good games.

My first march was with Alfredo and Juan as ARs. Only two cautions on this u14 match.

The second game was good U14 competition but ended in a zero zero tie so it went to kicks from the mark.

The third match was a u17 boys. Younger referee Joel was in the middle. Two sendoffs. One for vc and one for a second yellow. Steve the other AR was the person on the spot when he went into the goal to break up a fight after the a goal.


NorCal state cup in Turlock


Six minutes in a holding in the box by the last defender. So we have a dogso. Shows this game means something to these boys.

Good quality of games and good referees!

Josh and Nickolus were excellent help.


understanding Atrial Fibrillation


From Wikipedia Atrial fibrillation.

Symposium presentation

Lone atrial fibrillation (LAF) – absence of clinical or echocardiographic findings of other cardiovascular disease (including hypertension), related pulmonary disease, or cardiac abnormalities such as enlargement of the left atrium, and age under 60 years.

Lone Atrial Fibrillation in the Left Atria, not symptomatic during episodes.

Strizzie restaurant in Fremont for happy hour


Happy hour at strizzies. Zucchini and calamari.

Craig and I discussed life.


First regional academy match is a great one


This was a very completive match with deanza force being one of the top teams in the country.

Deanza is one of the top teams in the country and they know how to take the game right at the edge to commit fouls not quite tactical files that are not, The other team the Mavericks were unable to realize that some of their fouls calls were technical files into the match I gave five cautions to the maverick. It was a great game Albert was a Ar2 incident this one is offside calls his mechanics for weak. Bruce is a great ar1 and gave me good feedback from the game and we had post game to briefly make sure we got the cautions correct.

The photo is of the assigner of the match Allen M that worked the next game.


Rob cooks salmon and Turley wine appears


Rob grilled up some salmon for Paul and I.

The Turley was great!




Alembic in the Haight district of sf finds Rudy


Score with this small dingy place. Great drinks and the small plate food was excellent.

I started the meal with red pickled quail eggs. For desert I had the chocolate pudding. Very good!

Duck was the main dish which Rudy Paul and I shared.

This was the first I’ve seen or heard from Rudy since he moved out.

He is taking classes in calculus. Physics. Philosophy and java.





Giants vs pirates at AT&T park with Harry and Paul


Harry is a season ticker holder for the pirates so to make his trip complete we head to AT&T park for the giants pirates game.

The young stanford college student Josh sat next to us. He new Harry’s kids.

The pirates won! 4-1.



Passion fish in pacific grove. Wirth the late night wait


Look. This is one of the best restaurants around.

With Paul and Harry we focused on Croatian white wine. The wine price is spectacular here. Only like a %20 markup.

I had a salad Paul and Harry fresh fish.