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Beach chalet SF after soccer


Happy hour starts after 9pm.

Rudy K meet me for drinks and dinner.

The photo show the ahi tuna, the short ribs, the mussels, and the calamari. All were good.

I’m glad I came back.



First and probably only Sfsfl match this season


It was an assessment worthy match. 6 to 2 with 3 cautions. White 25 was a lot to handle.

Jim K and Jason provided great support.


The Alembic SF solo – is the food as good without others influence


After a weekend of refereeing at SF cup I decided to try The Alembic solo.

Yes the two buck red pickled quail eggs are the best!

The artichoke description – sun hike, lady fern, fennel & pollen, pickled Rubarb, Szechuan pepper. It was good with the magnolia IPA!

The atmosphere is not so different than the broken record.

The pudding dessert is to die for.

Lots of tattoos here and the people are great. Neil young on the song creates the haight Ashbury environment.



U17 boys final decided on a stoppage time penalty kick


Chris did a great job in the center as two skilled teams fought to almost tie during regulation.

The ball struck from outside the penalty area careened of a defender that has extended his arm/elbows to create space. From my view directly behind the attacker the ball was headed into the upper corner and the deflected meriting a dogsobh. The penalty kick was the decider so the send off would not have effected the match result in this case.

Dan and I provided the support.


The passing of referee Joseph Omojare


Today there was a terrible event and in strange way an amazing event. The merciful part was Joseph had absolutely no suffering. The amazing part was how the community, fans in the stands, players afterwards in prayer and referees before their matches on Monday came together to support and honor Joseph.

You never know when is your last match as a referee.

Always smile and have a good time with any referee you work with.

Joseph bless his soul passes today after collapsing on the field in the 23rd minute of the last Sunday match of the day at the San Francisco Cup.

Joseph is on my right in this picture from an earlier match. Alex Canrea the other AR and I had an experience neither of us ever wanted to have.

I had a great last match with him. Joking and laughing about the boys and the calls we made and the fireworks later that night.

On Monday night June 4th at 7PM, EBISOA is going to have a memorial service for Joseph,

The location is:

Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church 3534 Lakeshore Avenue Oakland, CA (Lakeshore and Mandana)

Please bring your memories with you and share your life with Joseph with all of us. We hope many of you will be able to attend.

Joseph is a smiling good-natured referee as the below picture shows.


The Broken Record in SF as just featured in DDD


Ok. Greg’s wife Linda recommend this. The bar tender said it was on DDD just last night! So the line is long.

So I had a fancy rye drink by the bar tender in front. He said it was a Sazerac old new Orleans Cocktail bases on rye whiskey.

The portions were small and tasty and the line long – maybe forty people deep.

I has the cheese and crab sandwich. Greg and Linda shared their dessert with me. The white cheese cake and a pudding with grapes.





SF cup U18 boys with – is that a mirzidagen on the field?


I did have some nice assignments. Just like Rich the assignor promised. Two u18 boys were good matches which went well.

The first with Allyse C and Pablo M – no cautions. The main attraction was Abdy’s son was playing! They lost by a lone goal on a botched defensive play.

Then two u12 girls AR assignments. The second picture is with Cory and Pablo M

Then the better u18 boys match with Greg W and Brian G. Two goals and one caution per side. A caution for a handball in the box and one for delaying the restart.

All in all a good soccer day.

Greg’s wife says try Camilla’s in Geyserville. And The Broken Record by Amazon Crocker soccer fields as it has been on DDD.



Sf cup referee symposium, my tenth?


Tim Wylen speaks and Jamaican referee Peter pentalton also spoke.

“the best position is the one that allows you to see the foul”



Pho queen sunnyvale back to good status


Meet perugeni and HuanG for out monthly lunch.

HuanG hanging out on cancan now days. Hiring freeze at simg.

Pho gua was good!


Partial eclipse through binoculars


Got to watch the eclipse through the binocular projection.