The passing of referee Joseph Omojare

Today there was a terrible event and in strange way an amazing event. The merciful part was Joseph had absolutely no suffering. The amazing part was how the community, fans in the stands, players afterwards in prayer and referees before their matches on Monday came together to support and honor Joseph.

You never know when is your last match as a referee.

Always smile and have a good time with any referee you work with.

Joseph bless his soul passes today after collapsing on the field in the 23rd minute of the last Sunday match of the day at the San Francisco Cup.

Joseph is on my right in this picture from an earlier match. Alex Canrea the other AR and I had an experience neither of us ever wanted to have.

I had a great last match with him. Joking and laughing about the boys and the calls we made and the fireworks later that night.

On Monday night June 4th at 7PM, EBISOA is going to have a memorial service for Joseph,

The location is:

Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church 3534 Lakeshore Avenue Oakland, CA (Lakeshore and Mandana)

Please bring your memories with you and share your life with Joseph with all of us. We hope many of you will be able to attend.

Joseph is a smiling good-natured referee as the below picture shows.



15 Responses to “The passing of referee Joseph Omojare”

  1. Marc Boman Says:

    I am haunted now by the gentle conversation I had with Joseph around 2 PM on the fateful day. I had just finished my last referee assignment for the day when Joseph arrived for what must have been the first of his three games. I’d refereed with Joseph on must have been a dozen games over the years, but I hadn’t seen him in a while – maybe not since I’d moved from the East Bay about 7 years ago. He recognized me instantly and came over to say hello, with his wonderful bright smile. He mentioned that he hadn’t seen me recently and asked what I’d been up to. Joseph was like that, the first to express an interest in you—the way a friend should be. We didn’t chat long, as he needed to prepare for his game, but that gentle conversation haunts me. That brief encounter was one of the highlights of my day. Joseph had that effect on people—he made them feel happy to have basked in the warmth and generosity of his spirit. The world will be diminished by his absence. — Marc Boman

  2. Scott Burry Says:

    I had some good fun matches with Joseph.
    I hope he appreciated the music CDs I made for him,
    now and then. I hope so………….

  3. Vladimir Cabrera Says:

    Joseph was the perfect example of how a referee should present himself with his crew and the teams he is officiating. He was wonderful person that everybody enjoyed being around. I’ll never forget about the first time I worked with him. It was my first ever GGWSL game and Joseph welcomed me with a giant smile and open arms. Joseph will forever be remembered by both myself and the referee community.

  4. Robert Casco for San Francisco Soccer Referee Association Says:

    Joseph, you will always be with us at the pitch in our hearts and souls. We will never forget your kindness and wonderful smile. May God bless you and reward you with eternal peace and if there are soccer games to be refereed in heaven, may you be placed at the top of the list!!!

    Thank your for your friendship and for dedicating part of your life to the beautiful game of “football” as you knew it!!!

    We love you!

  5. Steve Larsen Says:

    There is not a finer man than Joseph Omojare. I have worked with him for so long that it just brings tears to my eyes realizing that I will not get to work with him again until we meet in the heavens.
    May your soul rest in peace my friend, I miss you.

    Steve Larsen

  6. Sal Crispi Says:

    I had the pleasure of being Joseph’s Assignor for many years for the Golden Gate Women’s Soccer League. It was always a pleasure to work with him. He was a true gentleman and fine Pfficial. He will be missed!

  7. tomkendig Says:

    On Monday night June 4th at 7PM, EBISOA is going to have a memorialservice for Joseph,

    The location is:

    Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church
    3534 Lakeshore Avenue
    Oakland, CA
    (Lakeshore and Mandana)

    Please bring your memories with you and share your life with Josephwith all of us. We hope many of you will be able to attend.

  8. Jill Lounsbury Says:

    I am so saddened to hear this and yet what a truly poetic way for such a kind man and avid lover of the game to pass. He was always so kind and generous with a smile for everyone. The last game he refed for us he gave me a big hug like always. I will miss him.

  9. Sam Pearlman Says:

    Very sad news indeed! Joseph was a gentle soul, and always handled himself with grace out on the pitch while others were losing their cool. I’m fortunate that I got to work with him on many occasions. You will be missed, Joseph!

  10. Alexandra Patten Says:

    Rest in peace, Joseph! Your smile and calm presence on the pitch will be sorely missed.

  11. Craig Settles Says:

    For the many years I’ve coached in the Golden Gate Women’s Soccer League, and in the games I played that he officiated, Joseph was a very good and fair ref for all of us. He had a warm smile and a good word for everyone. He maintained order and rarely had to raise his voice or show a card. Joseph embodied the true spirit of rec soccer – people with day jobs spending many hours at their fun job of helping others enjoy the beautiful game. I will miss Joseph tremendously.

    Rest in peace, my friend.

  12. Adewale Adeniran Says:


  13. Abby Says:

    Rest in Peace uncle, you Will be greatly missed.

  14. Dan Says:

    Just found out about this 😦 A good, kind, fair man. You are missed.

  15. lamodi.o Says:

    I’m overwhelmed I’m just stumbling on these comments, he was my cousin we spoke and exchanged mails a couple of times, never met him but heard of his good nature. I was in flight school when Mr. LARSEN called me. We (his family) thank you all

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