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CUFA on Sunday – the u15 final needed a referee


I was able to facilitate all the final games starting with an international walk-on.

The U15 final with richard and George was a zinger. The losing team could not believe it was loosing and the parents were upset with the play on the field. Several cautions during the match. Some for stupid thing like obscene goal celebration on a goal and a delay the restart. Two for regular USB situations.

Dave B and Richard one an earlier match.


Mac Duff’s public house in south lake Tahoe


CMD liked the idea of corned beef and I like the idea of a beer after refereeing all day.

Both were great. The guy even threw in a free second beer. Never had that happen before.

I had the small pulled pork sandwiches which were good also.




CUFA on a Saturday – last match was good


Regular youth matches for the day.

The last was the best. Knowing what happened later, the team that won the U15 boys final lost to a team that went through to the consolation.

Gerry D is the center in this picture and Rob Pare was the AR.


Red hut in south lake Tahoe


Short stack was good at Red Hut.

So sad I forgot to take a picture until the plate was empty.


Sfsfl major matches, what every father wants


After sending Wirthless with lillian off to bishop on motorcycle, I was off to Crocker amazon for Sfsfl major matches.

These were good matches. Ben R and Michael L are some of the best referees to work with.

I did have some communications problems as AR2 on both matches.

On a ball that stayed in bounds and was handles I gave Ben the right info initially and not after he walked over and asked me the info. Ben was brilliant in how he was on top of the conflict.

The second match was a great game. Michael had a lot to handle. I think it was the right decision to not send off the goal keeper for a dogso but caution instead.


Wine country with Wirthless.


We visited:


Kendall Jackson

Williamson the cheese and wine pairing place.

Dutcher crossing

Soda rock

Alexander valley






Gelato Classico Italian Most popular ice cream in mt. View


Everyone had there selection after waiting in a busy line.

Yes it was good. You can even ask withless.


Satsuma Sunnyvale with Wirthless and Lillian


This house dinner was with Wirthless and Lillian at Satsumas in Sunnyvale.

DMK and Val and Yasmin and CMD all attended.

Sushi was great. Everyone laughed.


Ruby’s taqauria Sunnyvale, Sweden goes up, Sweden goes down.


Found David Rosen and his swedish friends here over lunch.

I have the standard two vamberose caritas. Sweden went up by one but then ukraine came back and scored two to win.


Rutherford grill in napa, good food and busy


For TRK’s late birthday celebration we headed to the Rutherford Grill in napa after our wine pickup experience.

Chris had the chicken salad. Delicious.

TRK the hamburger soft and well done.

CMD had the chicken and corn spiced just right.

I had my favorite the tuna and mango salad, always worth the trip.

For desert we had the fresh cherries and key lime pie. Yum.