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The winners of the office costume party


Halloween at electric cloud.




Los positas men’s soccer


This was a great game.

Got to use Albert M’s new ref talk. The same as they use in the mls. Albert, a national referee, was great in the middle.

CSU vs long beach NCAA match was fun


Joe P and Vince A-C were the team of referees for this fun college match.


Kick or treat is always a well liked tournament


Rich did a great job in the center. Who is that ar? Andrew Thompson? He quite a young man now.

The girls know how to how to dress in costume at this event. A candidate for the winner of the costume winner. Dig the socks.



Great JC match at evergreen college


This was a great referee team. Pedro and Ed and I just clicked.

I’ve seen both these coaches have lots to say about the referee team. They said nothing tonight. Not out of fear. They were too busy coaching! Which is exactly what they should have been doing.

I have something to learn from you every time Pedro.

Thanks for letting us us ref talk. It was a help.


Mezcal Mexican in downtown San Jose is good for mole


Meet Rob Erzen for dinner and to watch the presidential debate and the giants beat St Louis to clinic the pennant by 9 to 0. Now on to the world series.

The mole is great at this place. So are the Margaritas. I had the tamales with the chocolate mole.


Quakes vs Galexy always a good game


Andy M sure picked a great match to attend. Four goals in the second half.

Jair Mufiro one of the top USA referees was in the center and did a great job.

Just after the second half started the fans around us pointed to the Galexy fan section across the stadium. The section of 100 seats was empty with 15 cops standing at the top of the section. Turns out there was a police incident. After the match as the below photo shows there were 25 or more cop cars double parked on the street outside the stadium.



Small number of games soccer weekend


I had three ars on Saturday and a good u15 division one boys match on Sunday.

Zaya was the center on this girls u17 match on Saturday. Jim was the other ar. Simple match. Zaya did well. He is an up and coming young referee.


Agape grill dinner on the night Bill Hackney passes


Bill Hackney had a good life. He enjoyed his salt food and wine a bunch of grandchildren and a touch of politics for spice.

Bill’s lungs stopped absorbing enough oxygen today to keep him alive today and he expired today.

Bob and Margaret and Suzie and Craig and CMD and I had a quick memorial dinner tonight to share our memories of Bill.

Our favorite waitress Suzie was on duty and served us grape leaves and lamb wrap and eventually dessert.


Mission City Cafe salmon for DMK


The Friday lunch bunch had salmon again. Mena served us all with her perfectly poached salmon.

DMK was the guest today. Abdy M and Steve P makes for an enjoyable lunch.