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La Mar happy hour in SF


Ah the memories from when dad was in town and Doug and marina went her for lunch.

Pisco sour and causa limena at La Mar in SF. Delicious after a job interview in down town SF.


Keep trying to be regulars at banana leaf in Milpitas.


Jackie gave us a complementary mango sherbet dessert.


Oscar dinner in Medford


We had fresh dungess crab and chicken breast with Selby champaign and white wine.

We misses the beginning of the Oscars but saw the end including Argo getting best picture. Very good!

Doug and marina were great hosts this weekend.



King Lear matinee in the round


The last play this weekend at the Shakespeare festival.

Great acting in a three seance play.

Thanks Doug and marina!


Refereeing in Medford with brother Doug


The Kendig’s went on the soccer field today for to men’s amateur matches in Medford. The first was a easier match between a young team and a veteran team centered by Tom. There were two cautions, the first was for an unsporting charge outside the penalty area the second for a tactical handball in the penalty area.

The young Turks commented just before half time that they liked me as a referee. That their HS referees were terrible. Funny, we had meet the assistant coach for the youn Turks the night before at the Shakespeare play social.

The second was a more difficult match between two evenly matched teams that played hard. There should’ve been sent off the first 10 minutes for a DOGSO but the referees didn’t know the number of the player committing the foul so the match continued. The game continued and resulted in a 1-0 final result.

Doug had half a dozen cautions and a send off for a second caution.

It had been ten years since Doug and I had been on the same soccer field. It probably will never happen again at least at this level of play. It was fun!

Natcho was the other ar in the match. He did a great job of following my pregame instructions.



Two Ashland Shakespeare festival plays without Shakespeare


The first play was “Two trains Running” which took place in the hill district of Pittsburgh.

Small cast with lots of dialog. An interesting play however I probably would not see it again.

Second play was the classic “my fair lady”. This play was fun and exciting and very well done. I could see it again!



Paschal winery in Oregon and a mixer between plays with wine


Paschal winery is in the middle of pear country outside Medford.

It is an artsy atmosphere in the winery. As you can see from the logo and the tables and art placed in the tasting area. The wine is fairly expensive, $25 for wine not to ca standards and $8 for tasting.

Doug, marina and CMD had fun tasting before the play.

Between plays the mixer featured roxey winery wines. These are regulate but not special wines. The food at the mixer was delicious.



Brunch at the Oregon Kendig’s


Eggs with black beans and salsa. The only way to have a brunch with a Guatemala flare.


Vedas Indian restaurant in Milpitas for lunch with Art


This was a great buffet lunch at Vedas Indian restaurant. It was quit popular also.

Everything was fresh and well prepared at lead when you get there early.

Art H picked the place and Abdy showed up unannounced.



Historic Nolt’s Mill is passed to it’s next adventure


For more than 60 years Nolt’s Mill was a landmark in bird-in-hand Pa. Built in 1770 according to the plaque on the front of the Mill which reads “Built by James Gibbons & Deborah in the year 1770”.


Today, after 243 years, it passed to new owners.

Here is the quote from Jim N, the owner after purchase from his father Clarence N.

“Good Morning to You All,

Thought we would give you the good news first – Mill settlement took place yesterday morning in York at 10:30 and the mill is now owned by John Stevens and Sara Gilligan. Both are artist from Shrewsberry in York County. This is not the first building they have renovated and we feel they will do a great job in preserving the history of the mill.

Now for the bad news – Mill settlement took place yesterday morning in York at 10:30 and the mill is now owned by John Stevens and Sara Gilligan.”

The newspaper article in the Lancaster New Era is found at “Art gallery plan for Nolt’s Mill,

I assembled a few photos I have from near the end of the time of the life of the Mill.

I spent a lot of hours in that mill including nights to 2AM putting wheat in the grain elevators, but nothing compares to the number of hours the Nolts spent in the Mill.