Refereeing in Medford with brother Doug

The Kendig’s went on the soccer field today for to men’s amateur matches in Medford. The first was a easier match between a young team and a veteran team centered by Tom. There were two cautions, the first was for an unsporting charge outside the penalty area the second for a tactical handball in the penalty area.

The young Turks commented just before half time that they liked me as a referee. That their HS referees were terrible. Funny, we had meet the assistant coach for the youn Turks the night before at the Shakespeare play social.

The second was a more difficult match between two evenly matched teams that played hard. There should’ve been sent off the first 10 minutes for a DOGSO but the referees didn’t know the number of the player committing the foul so the match continued. The game continued and resulted in a 1-0 final result.

Doug had half a dozen cautions and a send off for a second caution.

It had been ten years since Doug and I had been on the same soccer field. It probably will never happen again at least at this level of play. It was fun!

Natcho was the other ar in the match. He did a great job of following my pregame instructions.




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