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Agape grill dinner and free Greek festival tickets


Lalo suggest the beef special was special. It was delicious. The Hercules wine is now only available by the bottle. Now longer by the glass.

Alan gave us free tickets for this weekend’s Greek festival in Santa Clara.



Oriental sushi buffet on Winchester blvd for lunch


The lunch bunch at certify headed out for lunch at a buffet, an all you can eat sushi buffer (mixed with Chinese food).

This was not the best sushi but for 13 bucks for lunch all you can eat not a bad deal.

Dennis chose the place and Ted and Alla and Chris and Anthony, we all had a good time chatting at lunch.



Hanna Korean in Newark, family run everything home made


This family run restaurant is the best. All the Korean side dishes are home made. The kimchi the potatoes the sea food salad is just down home good.

The main dishes are ok. If you know Korean food you know they search a lot of food!

With CMD.


Domo is a small sushi place in SF for dinner after soccer


DMK picked the place for his uncle and aunt (Doug and Marina) bases on a friends recommendation.

We waited a long time to get a table in the small place called Domo, a well run almost store front place. .

The sushi was good. And it looked good!

The baby squid was delicious.



How to make a u16 girls game interesting at SF cup


Leon gave me some feedback on retaliation. I was catching the escalation not the original foul.

Jose the other AR called an offside that took a goal back that I misses until at midfield. Ouch!

We were great team for an interesting game.


The broken record in SF


Doug and marina enjoyed this previously DDD featured restaurant.

The seafood soup. Delicious.

The pasta dish. Delicious.

The chicken on chibata bread delicious also.

Next time trying the yard of beer looks like a good idea.



Is that a spontaneous party at leontine ct?


Rudy brought over Paul and Hien the evening my brother arrived from Oregon.

We had stories about how everyone meet each other. It was a great time in the evening.


Referee symposium at SF cup


H├ęctor was the presenter at the symposium.

He completely changed my view of handling. As he put it soccer players by natural play defend themselves from the ball with there hands. They turn thee back or head the ball.

I’ll Change that I’m my matches from now on.


Happy hour at Xahn in mountain view is a great deal


Paul K and I had Mojitos and Kobe beef rolls and the papaya salad.

Paul had a copy of dick pope’s new book “A Better Way”. Dick is now a published author!

or to buy:

Talking about off side with Paul is always an adventure.


More about the building I work in and I win a prize


The building I work in is owned by the Rockefeller group. The same people that own 30 rock.