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Amando cheese steak is close to work now days


Ted and I enjoyed a great Philly cheese steak for lunch.



Healdsburg wine county,six pickups and a bonus winery


Wine club day pickup for CMD and Jeff C and I. We took Wirthless along as my imaginary friend.

1). Selby. CMD wine pickup. Yes we tasted the bobcat and bought a bottle of the champagne.
2) seghesio family vineyards Jeff pickup
3) Simi Jeff pickup
4) de limore. Jeff pickup.
5) Preston. I filled up two gallon jugs so we now have house wine again.
6) Dutcher Crossing. My wine pickup
7) Hawley. Wirthless, the published author wantabe told one of three bear stories. In this one the bear reared up and did not charge and got to live another day.






The slanted door on the embarcadero works for dessert


Ok. Comedy is over. Where is a good place for dessert?

The slanted door had snicker doodles, Cotten candy and donut holes I dipped in a sauce.

Chris and I had the apocalypse drink that was deliciously tart.




Dinner before comedy at Limon SF


Started with pisco sours, expensive but good.

This place is known for its rotisserie chicken. It is inexpensive and delicious.

The other dishes are tasty and there is a long line.



The Doobies brother and Steve miller band in SF


Wirthless was in town and we quickly ran off to SF at the America’s cup pavilion for the Doobie brothers concert.

TRK had a VIP event at the venue that night. Wirthless and I felt like VIPs.

The Doobies were great. Steve miller was not as impressive for me but more popular with the crowd.



Satsuma sushi for Father’s Day dinner


The sushi was great at a Father’s Day dinner at satsuma sushi with DMK.



First Sfsfl matches of the season


These were tough games in the players were skilled and there was dissent on close plays.

Jose and Mark and I were the first match.

The second match was with Chris hutch and Harris. There was a send off for a second yellow and foul and abusive language. ChriS did a great job managing difficult dissent.


Us club boys start regional matches in Davis


I made the long trip to Davis for the first time to referee for the usclub nationals. It is a good tournament so much better organized then 10 years ago in Turlock.

I had an exciting u13 boys match. A simple match to call but exciting for all the effort and energy.

I gave a caution for a tactical foul!

The first match was with Tom D and Maarty V. In the first 30 sec of the second half the goal was scored to tie the match and in the last 30 seconds a penalty kick was called to win the match. Very exciting.

The last match of the day was with Faithi and maarty. A good match but not as close.



Siam Thai Sunnyvale for EC reunion


Tanay set up the event for some Thai food with Sandeep Nikhil Ed Alla Tim rich Usman and Lisa.

The discussion was great. There was a point when I thought I was on the Big Bang theory when the discussion went to how gmail was so much better than outlook. everyone was engaged in the topic.


How I Explained REST to My Wife


How I Explained REST to My Wife

How I Explained REST to My Wife

I found this got me to finally understand a REST interface – supported by Rally at EC and the Certify software at Humana.