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SF giants Renesance luxury box


Some days you are lucky. CMD invited me to go along to the ATT park giants game in the renaissance luxury box.

Good food. I choose the pulled pork sandwich.

They had a pre game wine tasting. Dry creek vineyards. Sabraga and Mumms sparkling.

First pitch with the new iPhone 5s.

Giants won against San Diego.

Thank you Roger and Vicki!






iPhone 5S with fingerprint recognition and Siri


It arrived Friday afternoon by federal express. a new iPhone 5 S here! Here is the package and I used it for camera at the giants game on Friday evening.



Lunch at the counter in Santana Row


The October feet burger was tasty!


Scenic Montclair neighborhood of Oakland for new diggs for Chris & TRK


Out of SF and into the Oakland hills.

Here are the links to the new Diggs for the Porters.

Great view as shown from google street view.
On public transportation:
AC Transit – 18 – towards Mountain Blvd & Mo.. is closest bus to BART. Runs late into the night.
This is the link to the professional realtors page Probably won’t be there forever.
The link to Zillow might last longer:,-CA-94611_rb/


Iphone 5S camera explained


Iphone 5S camera explained

This post explains in a very clear way why the iphone 5S camera is the best in the industry – and the others have a long way to go to catch up.

I can’t wait to use and try mine.

Stay tuned for some examples coming soon in this blog.

Dinner in forestville at canneti roadhouse Italian restaurant


CMD and I had a nice modern Italian meal it a nondescript restaurant in the wine country.


Wine country pick up that wasn’t


I have to read my emails in more detail. The email said wine country pick up so off to the wine country to pick up wine.

However the wine pick up party and wind availability was two weekends in the future.

That’s okay. CMD and I had a great time stopping off at Preston have our jugs refilled. stopping off at Dutcher Crossing where the imaginary pick up was and trying a new winery called Unti.

And almost made the porter winery but instead settled for Thomas George Estates winery that had an in hill tasting. It was overpriced.




U19 girls d1 in Fremont, the best Fremont has to offer


An 8am Sunday match with u19 girls? Who thought that up?

I don’t think I have a caution in the match. Which came to a gentle conclusion.

Jairo and Abbas were good support.


Soccer before and after the rain


First match before the rain with Robin and Amos were great help.

Had a nice call on a keeper contact situation. Happened to be Jim M daughter I found out latter.

Last match was a
U19 boys in the mud. Had a second caution send off that I should have managed my way through instead of giving second caution.


Little mad fish in Fremont – I know where to get better sushi


Val and Yasmin joined me for dinner at little mad fish of auto mall in Fremont.

As you can see the sushi looks wonderful. However the taste was not there. Satsumas just keeps coming back as the best sushi place.

Everyone is of to la tomorrow.