Sam’s sushi in San Mateo for 9/11 celebration

Sushi on my birthday is always a good idea. A small gathering this year of Chris and TRK and CMD.

We tried Sam’s in San Mateo because of the yelp rating. It was popular, all tables full and a short line outside.

The sushi was only OK. The Asahi was on tap. Hamachi is hard to do poorly and it was the best sushi we had. The tobiko with quail eggs was great! And you can see from the photos below we enjoyed the presentation.

There was one called a “hotdog” that was original to Sam’s and we enjoyed it alot.

My Birthday card was simple with an ultrasound photo inside. I’ll be becoming a grandfather on or around April 11th.

Not many Birthdays can top finding that out on your Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For now this will remain a secret not to be discussed with others. You can only post here until you hear about this through other sources.





One Response to “Sam’s sushi in San Mateo for 9/11 celebration”

  1. David Kendig Says:

    The rumor is confirmed. The nesting activity I heard about a few weeks back in CO was a strong message. I came home and told Wanda, they are getting ready to start a family.

    Wow! Congratulations to all!

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