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First play of the season Priscilla of the dessert


Priscilla is a play fool of costumes singing and gay men telling jokes.

It reminded me of Beach blanket Babylon and it’s colorful attire.

It was upbeat and fun and the actors and us in the audience had a great time

John and Deb have tickets on the same evening as our shows for the rest of the season.



The Fish market Santa Clara for dinner


Dinner before the play for the theater group.

The fishmarket is expensive but good.

This is a photo of the Pacific Rockfish with tomatoes and rice.



How close to a perfect soccer weekend can I get


This was the Sunday portion of the perfect soccer weekend.

A u16 boys that meant a qualification spot in the finals.

A u15 girls final. The girls played really well. Justin H and quintion were part of a great team there.

And the last match was a men’s amateur center. The PSL assignor challenged my match report – no cautions? It was a 1-0 score with no misconduct. How often does that happen in a Men’s Amateur match? Thanks Kirk K and Alex S for such great support!


Bernie and I got to watch some of the World Series together


Water was at a concert Bernie was being babysat.


Kick or treat is always a fun and favorite uncompetitive soccer tournament


Beautiful weather this year and the kids had a great time dressing up to play soccer.

It’s always great fun to see what they dressed up as as well as the games being fun also.

Here are a couple pictures from this years event.




Friday night college assessment match


Scott Weiland was in the Center for one of the last times.

He said he made two mistakes

He called time to talk to a player. If anyone asked he was checking to make sure he was not injured.

The second was to make a drop ball to the keep instead of an indirect kick



Alton brown theater show with lots of yeast farts


He is an entertainer and he understands audiences well.

And he is a great speaker.

With CMD.


New tandoor CafĂ© for lunch in Santa Clara


I had the lamb at Kazi reza’s farewell lunch. Intesting place for lunch as it had to be kosher.



Quakes vs Guatemala team heruta


DMK joined me at this concacaf competition match.

We sat in the heruta section. The Guatemala fans booded and swore in Spanish. They stood the entire game.

The quakes won from a score by Wando.

Goodson was. Sent off with a second yellow in something like the 89 min. The only two cautions of the match.


Men’s amateur assessment Sunday


Doran and I were the support for Justin’s assessment.

Great team game. It was so encouraging all the stuff then had to come out how well we did and what things you have to work on.

Glad to see you back on the pitch again Justin back in the bay area.

Here’s a photo memory of the Duran justin and I at the match