PSL assessment for Steve

Soccer Sunday psl match as an assessment. I was the ar for Steve kl.

Steve passed on an relatively Uneventful game. Three cautions.

Main feedback for Steve was two incidents with the corner flags, one when the player threw aside the broken flag and the other flag at a 45 degree angle on the field.

The interesting feedback was Steve’s difficulty being to close to play when being in the middle of the field during transition. The takeaway for me was to make a decision on where the play is going even if it is wrong so you are not standing or slow in the middle of the field.

Feedback for me from Brad k the assessor.

I was not always in line with the last defender.

I side stepped too much. I thought that was the goal to sidestep all the time.

The graph from Steve showing his ground coverage is amazing. This is the kind of graph I’m looking to get off my iPhone.



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