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Pho tau bay in south San Jose


Very good pho. Has gizzards and livers pho which I love.



Quakes vs revolution, field level seats and a disappointing loss


Thank you Edie and Randy.

Pho dinner at the park before the match.

On the grass field level seats.




Harry’s haufbrau for lunch and documentation


Ruben sandwich special.

Rick was talking point. As a scrum master and the documentation lead we had a lot to talk about.


Falafel drive-in for lunch


The falafel drive-in is the best falafel’s in town.

And with the banana shake you must love it.

Theo’s last week. He’s off to sell playgrounds in Sacramento.


Bike ride Sunday – Coyote trail wildlife


Rudy, DMK and Val and I take a bike ride Sunday afternoon.

What do we find but a meter long gopher snake coming on the trail for warmth.

There is video of the catch and release into the slough.

Here is a google mashup of the ride Rudy took.,+Fremont,+CA+94539/37.4400402,-121.959597/@37.439283,-121.9571353,3713m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m14!4m13!1m10!1m1!1s0x808fc61128ae3245:0x5bec807b8ce01840!2m2!1d-121.918196!2d37.477609!3m4!1m2!1d-121.9457423!2d37.4353884!3s0x808fc8f44f17baf5:0x86ec519c12aa4d2f!1m0!3e1



And then there was a turkey at the Warmsprings BART station.


U19 girl with the best players in the area


Salma and Samir made up the good team.


The mustache place on el camino for Mexican dinner


This place was hopping on a Friday night. Los charros with the custom chairs.

A full house. A Mexican mariachi band

The tamale was homemade and with excellent consistency.

The chicken chimichanga had freshly grilled vegetables.



Finger print recognition software and the chance of a false hit


I find this blog entry a great explanation of how and why the apple finger print recognition is good study in technology.

The details in this white paper on iOS security are incredible.

One in 50,ooo chance of another finger matching on the print technology. More that adequate and better than a four digit pin (10,000 chances). The finger print identification is summarized in the following document.

When I find a reference that explains the finger print roll reader used on HP machines and soon on the Samsung Galaxy I’ll put the reference here.

Fogo De Chao in Santana Row for lunch, good food but no lunch special!


Tho, Anna and Josette walk with me for lunch and we walk into Fogo De Chao, the new Brazilian Steakhouse.

We did not quite realize what we were in for.

The full salad bar was very good.

The meat was excellent. The Chedder Pork and the Lamb ribs stand out (ribs not quite as good as Rudy’s though).

The price for lunch – which is hard to find online or at the restaurant is 27.50. This should be the most expensive lunch I’ve ever had.

Probably worth it and in celebration of my first day at work as a Humana employee – and Josette’s one year anniversary at Humana.




Four peaks brewery in the Phoenix airport


The beer was good but not green on st. Patrick’s day.

So I picked. German beer and had a German soft pretzel with David T on the start of the trip back to San Jose.