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Earthquakes win


KathleeN was very tolerant as my soccer friends and I talk the upcoming soccer events.



Figi tournament semi and final in Hayward.


Jesse N was in the middle. Clayton and I were the ARs. Brian the fourth

Jessie did a great job on this fun not affiliated final.


Softball this season is going smoothly. Third win in a row.


The church coed softball team is doing swimmingly this year.

I’m very relaxed as the head pitcher on the competitive team this year.

This photo is from second base after had a double.


New work digs in Campbell.


The new work location is on the fifth floor of a building next to the prune yard in Campbell.

Very modern. Including the donuts which are from the crazy donut place.



What is a meritocracy and how does it effect my releationship with the Lord


Kim M is a great speaker and knows how have the Lord speak through her to reach all of us and touch our heart.

Kim speaks in a way that would work well in a mega church.

This Sunday’s message struck me particularly close to home.

Describing a meritocracy and how it affects our lives from an our first introduction to school.

Let us not use a meritocracy to define who we are and who we are in the Lords eyes!

I can’t attach the wav file so find it at

Training with Esse


Esse B is the referee trainer for referees in the last two world cups.

Great training today.


There was a USA mnt vs Stanford scrimmage at the national camp.

Alex and Delaney and chris H were the officials for the match and they came by after the friendly.


Riding till 11 o’clock on the streets of San Jose


Is the attraction? why are all these people riding their bicycles on the street after dark?

Rudy and Maggie joined in with the people who live in Leontine court for the end of the ride.

Lots of food trucks.

What is attractive about the event is that it is not commercial. People are doing it for fun.


Lamb again at the dude ranch


RudyMaggie came down for the San Jose bike ride.

Lamb chicken salad and potatoes.
Sparkling for to recognize Yasmin’s new job.


All-you-can-eat sushi on Winchester Boulevard


In the rundown of the last restaurants to visit in Santana Row before the move, we tried the Chinese sushi buffet on Winchester Boulevard.

The all-you-can-eat sushi makes an attractive plate.

Quality could be better before the price and we can eat it’s one of the best deals around.




The Krung Thai restaurant on Winchester Boulevard


In the rundown of the last places to eat before leaving Santana Row work location, we head to the Thai restaurant across Highway 280 on Winchester Boulevard.

Krung Thai Restaurant.

Reasonable tie food in a good place to getting out of for lunch.