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Yes there is still softball on Monday night.


We played the team in the league tonight and easily bear them by double there runs.

One injury. Norm was hit by a batted ball. I came in and with one pitch retires the side.

We had fun though and pizza and beer afterwords.



Quakes loose to the Galexy on a beautiful Saturday night at Stanford stadium


DMK joined me for this loss.

Goodson came up lame just before the start. Very disappointing.

Donovan walking in the field durning dynamic play. A poor memory for me since I am a fan of his. He just is not what he was.

The pre show. Amazing! With the flag hang gliding in.

The fire works afterwords were some of the best I’ve seen in a ling while.




Sushi and Declan and Friday night


Satsuma’s for dinner on Friday night. Meet Chris and TRK and CMD for my first sushi with Declan.



Usamnt goes through to the round of 16 at breakfast time


Off to play Belgium after this one goal loss vs Germany.

Wild bill cooked breakfast and tolerated my comments.

Mullers goal was great soccer.

Terrible venue in the rain.

Still waiting for Bradley to show up. The key to the USA success.

I watches the game a second time that night and USA looked better on the second viewing.



Elephant bar in Campbell for customer lunch


John and David and Nate shared lunch at the elephant bar.

I had the chicken Marsala with mashed potatoes and it was delicious.


U17 girls at regionals after USA World Cup match.


Colin and Owen were the the rest of this referee team.

I had several key offside calls.

Colin did get knocked in the head from a player running past him.


The five goats. How great USA play was undone in stoppage time


This was a great game. And a great long remembered stoppage time goal by Portugal.

I watch this match in Davis with a bunch of referees.

The tournament was shut down during the match. it looked like the rapture had occurred. Empty fields that previously, hours before had tons of players on them, empty.

So, the five goats.

1) Bradley for turning over the ball
2) beastly for not closing down Ronaldo fast enough
3) Cameron for letting the Portuguese player getting just a little ahead of him.
4) klinsman for subsistuting Gonzales into the mid field instead of his normal back line position. Gonzales should have been the player on that back four.
5) Howard – what kind of contorted stance was that to block the shot.


Usclub regionals in Davis.


Troy diack was the coach of the U14 Livermore team.

I had a tough call when the Livermore attacker was knocked after getting a shot off just outside the box.

After consulting with lileet and Pablo I was talked into awarding a direct kick.


Dennis’s fair well at Garret’s pizza


It was Dennis’s farewell lunch so I had the beer sampler.

We traded stupid iPhone apps

Here’s the picture from that

Dennis is one the best people to work for.

Ah. I took a video so no visual to post at this point.

England vs Costa Rica at chili’s in Milpitas


Meet abdy M to watch the match.

Ran into norm h and Anna

We had a great lunch together and watches the end of the match.